White Privilege Princess Suing Over Affirmative Action Was Too Stupid To Get Into Chosen College

No anti-affirmative action white person ever complains about all the white people that are chosen over them for the job or college they really wanted. However, when it comes to minorities they literally go and make a federal case about it.

Abigail Fisher, the 23-year-old white plaintiff in Fisher v. University of Texas, is suing the school in the Supreme Court of the United States because she is the perfect victim for anti-affirmative action activists everywhere.

Fisher had applied to the school but was disappointed when she found out that having white skin is not enough of a reason for them to accept her as a student. Clinging to the “reverse-racism” victimhood card, she complained that she was denied acceptance to the school while minority students with worse grades were accepted. To put it simply, Fisher thinks that her life of privilege is more deserving of a spot than a minority individual that doesn’t have her advantages.

An investigation was done into the reality of University of Texas admission practices when Fisher had applied to the school, and the fact is she got denied because she simply was not a good enough student. Texas already has a system where anyone who scores in the top ten percent of their high school class gets automatic admission. Ninety-two percent of the open slots at Austin were already claimed by these individuals when Fisher applied. If she had only been a better student the entire situation would have been avoided. Instead, she did not apply herself enough and chose the route of professional victimhood.

Fisher’s comment on the case was as follows:

“There were people in my class with lower grades who weren’t in all the activities I was in, who were being accepted into UT, and the only other difference between us was the color of our skin,” she says. “I was taught from the time I was a little girl that any kind of discrimination was wrong. And for an institution of higher learning to act this way makes no sense to me. What kind of example does it set for others?”

Source: Pro Publica

The problem with her statement is that it is an outright lie. Fisher’s legal briefings number in the hundreds of pages, and in all that mess race is hardly mentioned. Additionally, out of the students that were admitted with lower grades than Fisher, five of those students were black or Latino, while forty-two were white. Remember when she said the only difference was the color of their skin? Neither Fisher or her law team dared to mention those forty-two students during any interviews. They also failed to mention the 168 black and latino students with better grades than her, that were denied admittance. The worst part is that Fisher was given a standard university offer to start attending the University of Texas during her sophomore year. All she had to do was earn at least a 3.2 GPA at a different Texas university during her freshman year. She chose to turn down the option to work hard and earn a spot some students still would be overjoyed to have. In doing so, she also chose to scapegoat minority students everywhere and overturn affirmative action law to soothe her white pride and privilege.

The consequences of this could be huge. If affirmative action is overturned in the SCOTUS, this one girl’s bruised ego and the “white is right” mentality that pervades America could adversely affect untold numbers of individuals that affirmative action laws currently protect from discrimination.

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