Kentucky Christian Homeless Shelter Just Banned Women And Girls Because ‘The Bible’ (VIDEO)

If you’re homeless in the winter, life can be tough. But in Williamsburg, Kentucky, things just became a lot tougher — if you’re a female. For those who don’t have anywhere else to go, Emergency Christian Ministries’ homeless shelter is the only place in town, and it just became a “men only” establishment. Why would this happen? Director Billy Woodward says that he decided to kick about 10-12 women out of the shelter based on the Bible.

Woodward claims that people at the shelter were having sex, though he provides no evidence of that assertion at all. The shelter previously had both men’s and women’s dorms, but Woodward says he made the decision to kick women out because some people may or may not have been engaging in the Devil’s Business.

“They may want to meet or even slip in a room occasionally and then we can’t have that. It seem like these last days it’s getting worse. Ungodly time.”

The decision to throw women and (female) children out on the street just before the holidays was made two weeks ago — a decision Woodward justifies with the Bible.

“I don’t know if what’s happening, uh, if it’s a whole because they know it’s a men and women’s shelter, they say, ‘well, we’re homeless — maybe we can find somebody, a mate or something,” he explained, adding that “if they done it right, they’d be fine but they go overboard with it.” Woodward did not explain how they could “done it right.”

Woodward did not explain how they could “done it right,” but he does know that God doesn’t want him to rescue women and girls from dire circumstances because they might use their vaginas for evil. Asked if he would accept children, Woodward said, “Right now, no, because of the female factor.” He says that he will accept boys with their fathers, however, because they have penises.

WYMT reports that Woodward says he came to this decision “based on the Bible” because what he claims was happening “was sinful.” He says that he isn’t blaming the women because “it takes two” but he houses more men than women — especially after kicking every single woman out of the shelter. Currently, women are being directed to a shelter 30 minutes away. “We are not biased or prejudice whatsoever,” he says of his decision to exclude women and girls.

Last year, 38 percent — just under half — of the people housed at the shelter were women. Woodward says that he wants to house women, but would need to renovate the shelter to keep the women and female children from exercising their feminine wiles on the men.

Of course, he did not address the possibility of hot, steamy man-on-man sex or “solo play” — because the problem, obviously, is the female population.

Watch a report on this brilliant example of Christian love, below:

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