Ohio Seventh Grader Calls Muslim Classmate ‘Son Of ISIS,’ Threatens To Shoot Him

In what now seems to be a regular and unending stream of hate directed at Muslims in the wake of the recent attacks and subsequent hate speech, a seventh grader in Ohio is in deep trouble for threatening a Muslim classmate. It seems that the boy had been arguing with the sixth grade student on the bus, and the situation escalated when the seventh grade boy threatened to bring his father’s gun onto the bus the following day and shoot his Muslim rival, whom he referred to as a “towel head.”

Aside from the “towel head” slur, the seventh grader also called the Muslim student the “son of ISIS,” and blamed him for the terror attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001. Another child on the bus luckily overheard the heated exchange, and told the driver of the school bus what happened.

While neither of the two students involved said anything to authorities about a gun — of course, the perpetrator insisted he never said any such thing — luckily, it was all caught on tape. The threats were heard. And all of this over the fact that the seventh grader didn’t like how loudly the Muslim boy played his music. That is supposedly what started the entire altercation.

Luckily, the incident was not taken lightly, and the seventh grader was made to write a statement of apology to the Muslim student. He also faces expulsion from school, per the recommendation of Vandalia-Butler City Schools. He was also arrested and is currently being charged with menacing and ethnic intimidation.

The fact that this happened at all is very telling. Likely, the boy heard these slurs and horrible things at home from his equally bigoted parents. Muslim students cannot even go to public school now without facing terrorism at the hands of their ignorant, bigoted classmates.

This is what this horrible rhetoric is doing, and it should be stopped. Further, the politicians and other authority figures promoting it should, at this point, be facing incitement charges. I won’t hold my breath on that one, though.

Featured image via Wikimedia