Christie Calls Obama A ‘Feckless Weakling,’ Internet Responds With A Brutal Reminder For Him

During CNN’s Republican debate, Chris Christie hoped to pull his dismal poll numbers out of the gutter by attacking President Obama. In typical Christie fashion, he did so in the most disgusting, unpresidential way possible. Thankfully, the internet is here to remind Christie that not only was his attack on Obama pathetic, but he’s also a raging hypocrite.

Christie – who currently polls within the statistical margin of error – suggested he would be a stronger president than Obama because he would be willing to start a world war by shooting down a Russian plane in Syria. For the Republican crowd, war-mongering stood in place of sound foreign policy. Taking things a step further, however, Christie also took a cheap shot at the president.

“Maybe because I’m from New Jersey I have this plain-language hang-up. I would talk to Vladmir Putin a lot, and I’d say listen, Mr. President, there’s a no-fly zone and it applies to you and yes we’d shoot down the planes of Russian pilots if they were stupid enough to think that this president was the same feckless weakling that the president we have in the Oval Office is right now.”

One might think that calling the sitting president a “feckless weakling” would be taboo, even for the Republican crowd, but here we are.

While an attack such as that would be pathetic coming from anyone, the idea that Christie would go there is particularly galling for one obvious reason: Just three years ago, when Christie needed Obama’s help after New Jersey had been devastated by Hurricane Sandy and the Republican Party had turned their backs on the state (including some members sharing the debate stage with him), President Obama came through in a big way. Christie, and the entire state of New Jersey, praised Obama for his leadership.

Here’s how the Washington Post described Christie’s praise of Obama in 2012:

But no photo opp in the world can top the praise of a job well done that comes from an affected, outspoken governor from the other party. In comments that perfectly encapsulated not only the severity of the storm but the divisiveness of our national politics and the bluntness of the speaker, New Jersey governor Chris Christie—primetime GOP convention speaker and frequent campaign surrogate for Mitt Romney—heaped praise on Obama’s initial reaction to the storm.

Christie told news outlets that the president’s response had been “outstanding,” said that coordinating with the administration had been “wonderful,” and remarked that “the president has been all over this and he deserves great credit.” He even told Fox News the president had done a “great job for New Jersey.”

Needless to say, not everyone has forgotten Obama’s outstanding actions in the middle of that crisis and the internet let Christie know it.

Many people also noted how astoundingly disrespectful it was to slander the president just because your political campaign is withering on the vine.

It was certainly a surprise to see that on a stage with Donald Trump, Chris Christie managed to come across as the biggest asshole of the night. It’s both impressive and sad at the same time.

Feature image via Twitter