Saudi Arabia Just Gave ISIS…And Conservatives…Some Really Bad News

The Republican party has been trying to distance itself from the hate and fear they created when they decided to pander to America’s low-information voters. The move to replenish their dying base has backfired completely, leaving the GOP in the precarious predicament of accepting a racist blowhard as the party’s nominee for president.

The path to where they are now has been a long, winding and arduous one, requiring the acceptance of the radical Christian right, and allowing fundamentalist conservative “patriots” to be given free rein to be openly racist, misogynist and intolerant of any religion other than their own. The result has been a sea of discord in America and a polarization of the political parties unseen since Republicans were the good guys working to abolish slavery.

The far-right now runs the party; their agenda as clear as day: Make America white again. Tear up the constitution and replace it with the Bible. Spread hatred of all things they don’t consider American enough.

The number one target is Islam. By refusing to acknowledge that even their idol George W. Bush declared that Islam was a religion of peace from atop a pile of rubble in lower Manhattan, the new Republican party has decided that all Muslims are evil, must be banned from America, and destroyed everywhere else in the world.

Their arguments always include two talking points: The president isn’t doing enough to battle ISIS, and the other Muslim countries won’t lift a finger to help. They find those points as overwhelming evidence that the entire Muslim world sides with ISIS and that President Obama is one of them.

They haven’t heard the news that we’ve dropped so many bombs on ISIS that we’re in danger of running out. They were asleep when news came across their television of yet another ISIS commander being blown to smithereens. None of that matters, because the President is black and Saudi Arabia supposedly supports terrorism.

While Saudi Arabia, along with many other Muslim nations, definitely has issues to work out in the area of people radicalizing within their borders, they do not support terrorism. You can’t tell an American conservative that┬ábecause several of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia. Osama Bin Laden was from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia sits idly by while ISIS destroys the Middle East, killing Christians in droves.

It’s a huge misconception. ISIS kills anyone who doesn’t agree with them, including Muslims who just want to live in peace. They are radicalized assholes who need to be stricken from earth’s record. Saudi Arabia agrees.

In what will certainly have ISIS in a tailspin, Saudi Arabia has announced that it has formed a 34 nation coalition, which includes the powerhouses of Turkey and Egypt, to battle ISIS and trample “the Islamic world’s problem with terrorism.” Defense Minister Salmon Al Saud said the Saudis will be “a partner in the worldwide fight against this scourge.”

Well there you have it — the Islamic world recognizes they have an issue with radicalized terrorists, and they are moving to do something about it. President Obama also acknowledged that radicalized Muslims are who we are fighting in Syria and Iraq (not that anyone ever doubted that except conservatives who think the president is hiding his prayer rug under the mattress in the Lincoln bedroom).

Conservatives won’t know how to react, so they’ll ignore it, of course, calling the Saudis clever names like “towelheads” and declaring the president a Muslim… again.

The fact is, ISIS is in for a rough time. The West is fed up. The Middle East, Africa and Asia are fed up. This problem, caused by the American Republican party, will now be dealt with by everyone but them.

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