Words Matter: Fox News Obsessed Man Arrested For Threatening To Kill Liberals, Abortion Doctors

Words matter. As much as Fox News would like to think that their 24-hour hate mongering against their political opponents isn’t an issue, the evidence keeps piling up.

On the heels of a right-wing Christian terrorist named Robert Dear walking into a Colorado Planned Parenthood and shooting 12 people (later explaining his actions by quoting anti-abortion Republicans verbatim), a Fox News obsessed Washington state man has been arrested after making relentless threats against liberals, President Obama, and employees tied to Planned Parenthood.

Scott Anthony Orton was picked up by police after he made threatening messages directed at Placerville biotech firm connected to handling the fetal tissue donated to Planned Parenthood. The firm, StemExpress, was named directly in the series of fraudulent videos published by an anti-abortion hate group putting the employees in the crosshairs of rabid anti-abortion conservatives of which people like Orton and Dear count themselves as members.

Two days after the anti-abortion videos were released, Orton was already online calling for the murder of StemExpress employees. According to the Sacramento Bee:

“The management of StemExpress should be taken by force and killed in the streets today,” according to a log of the messages included in an affidavit of FBI Special Agent David Rubel, filed in support of the complaint against Orton.

Over the next four hours, according to the log, Orton posted 18 additional messages ranging from “Kill StemExpress employees. I’ll pay you for it” and “Stop the death of innocents. Kill the killers,” to “StemExpress your lives don’t matter nearly as much as your deaths do” and “I think I’ll take a little trip to Placerville this weekend. I hear there’s some good hunting down Placerville way …”

Later, the FBI received another tip about Orton, this time stemming from comments he made on Fox News’ website under the username “Joseywhales,” a reference to a Clint Eastwood movie about a – surprise – Confederate farmer wrongfully killed by Union soldiers during the Civil War.

Like his heroes in the right-wing movement, Orton told FBI agents that he was a “wordsmith” who hoped his messages would “wake [people] up” about what liberals were doing. He positioned himself as a “writer” who knows that “words have a lot of meaning.” Fox News pundits might say they’re ugly rhetoric has no effect on people, but Orton certainly believes it does.

Even scarier, Orton has had a pattern of violent rhetoric against whichever person or group Fox News and company happen to talk about on any given week.

As Raw Story points out, two years ago, “Joseywhales” was threatening to kill President Obama. He wrote: ”Hey barack: ever see a skull explode?” and “Hey barack. You should hang by your neck until you feet quit kickin.” In 2011, he was seen on Fox’s website threatening to kill then-Attorney General Eric Holder, and also suggested lynching him. More recently, as Fox was attacking the president for spreading anti-police rhetoric, Joseywhales was on Fox’s site again to call for the murder of Marilyn Mosby, the mayor of Baltimore.

Amazingly, despite being a textbook example of a dangerous extremist, Orton has consistently gotten a pass from law enforcement. His threats against liberals has been well documented for years, however police have declined to look into his activities. Even now, Orton is being given a wide latitude to continue his ways. When asked to deny his bail, a Washington judge declined. He let him go without setting any bail, and simply asked Orton nicely to come back for his hearing after spending the holidays at home.

Feature image via Fox News screengrab