Racist Harry Potter Fans Freaking Over A Black Hermione Get Shut Down By J.K. Rowling Herself (TWEETS)

When some rather racist Harry Potter fans found out that a much-awaited Potter-based play would feature a black actress in the role of Hermione, they went into meltdown. Amid the internet furore, one of these trolls asked J.K. Rowling to intervene – but they got a hell of a shock when she did.

As my colleague Shannon Barber reported earlier today, there was rather a hatefest spreading across Twitter at news of a ‘Black Hermione.’ The upcoming Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play is set 19 years after the final chapter of the Harry Potter books, and is one of the theater world’s most eagerly anticipated events. But in the hours after the cast was revealed, many were freaking out about the fact that Hermione would be played by black actress Noma Dumezweni.

They just could not get their heads around it and took to Twitter to vent their rage at their favorite thing being ‘destroyed’ by having a black woman in it.

Of course, these ‘superfans’ clearly couldn’t have read the book. If they had, they would have noticed that Hermione’s race is never mentioned. But when her skin color is mentioned, it is dark. But this didn’t stop the bigots from invoking Rowling’s name in their defense.

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Enough was enough. Someone needed to weigh in with definitive authority — and there was no better person to do so than the author herself. Rowling took to Twitter to drop the mic on the whole debate.

There were hundreds of replies back from non-racist Potter fans, people of color and their allies around the world thanking Rowling for her timely intervention. However, our personal favorite response came from the eagle-eyed Potter fan who made a simple and elegant point on the whole furore.

I mean seriously people, get a grip. We are talking about a fantasy world in which children cast spells, fly around on broomsticks and British trains run on time. If you’ve got the time and energy to devote to shouting about the color of an actress playing Hermione, we suggest it’s time you reassessed your priorities and got a life.

Featured image via Twitter