Group Reviewing Sanders Data Breach Has History Of Illegal Wiretapping, Falsifying Data, And More

If you were an employee who was accused of doing something wrong at your job, but you insisted there was some kind of workplace malfunction that allowed it to happen, you would probably welcome the idea of an independent investigation to find the facts.

This what Bernie Sanders agreed to, in order to get his data access back after the DNC took it away recently. This happened when a Sanders staffer improperly accessed Clinton voter data. Access was restored less than two days later, with the condition that a full independent audit is done to get the full facts of what happened.

There are a couple of assumptions any reasonable person would make about an “independent” audit on this particular issue. One is that whoever is doing the audit is of good character, without a history of “shady” activities that would cast doubt on the credibility of what they find. Two is that in order to ensure objectivity, the auditor would not have a history with either the Clinton or the Sanders campaign. In yet another epic failure by the DNC, neither one of these assumptions were met on any reasonable level.

Kroll is the company that has been hired to do the audit. This company has an insanely bad reputation, which five seconds of googling will find for anybody. It also cannot be considered “independent” due to the history of some of its clientele, as you will see below.

Kroll has a history of being paid corporate mercenaries and hitmen who will do anything for money — legal or not. They conducted a propaganda campaign to shield Allen Stanford (currently in jail for operating a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme) from the investigation that finally nailed him for his crimes. They also conducted a libelous smear campaign, at Stanford’s request, against the family of a former State Department official named Jonathan Winer. Tom Cash, one of Kroll’s corporate hit-men, told Stanford “our info is [Winer’s] wife by whom he had two children divorced him and ran off with another woman. Wife also was a lesbian.” None of this information was true, but that did not stop Kroll from blasting it out.

Kroll also has a history of working for Goldman-Sachs. The work they did for Goldman Sachs was intimidating witnesses that were going to testify against the company, by threatening to publicly smear their personal lives to the media, regardless of whether or not what they said was true.

Kroll also helped Bill Clinton during his 1992 presidential campaign. They conducted counter-espionage checks at the governor’s mansion while the Clinton’s were still in residence, by checking if the building was bugged. This calls into question the impartiality of their selection as auditors.

To be clear, this is not Hillary’s fault. She didn’t know she would be dealing with this issue during a 2016 presidential campaign back in 1992. This is resting squarely on the DNC at this point.

To say that the DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz “screwed the pooch” on this entire affair from day one is putting it very kindly. Schultz has been accused using her position as DNC chair to aid Hillary due to her personal biases. Then came Datagate and the DNC’s violation of its own rules in how it suspended the Sanders campaign from its own data. This was against their own contract that Sanders signed with them.

Kroll is point-blank wrong for this job. They will do anything for money, including lie publicly about people, threaten witnesses and bribery. Literally nothing about Kroll speaks to any kind of integrity. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s choice of this group to investigate a potentially party-splitting issue proves that she cannot lead the DNC effectively.

This should piss off any progressive, whether they are for Bernie or Hillary. It is painting Hillary as being conspiratorial with the DNC to rig the election for her. It is also ensuring that the audit has zero credibility, which will let a stigma hang over the Sanders campaign.

Both sides who are furious about Datagate need to turn their gaze to where it is needed most; the DNC and its chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Under her non-leadership, the DNC has become a caricature of the kind of skullduggery that would make any Republican proud.

Featured image via Youtube screen capture