This Is How Racists Reacted After Grand Jury Failed To Indict Murderers Of Tamir Rice (IMAGE)

Shortly after news broke that a grand jury failed to indict the cops who shot and killed an unarmed 12-year-old, Tamir Rice, a racist troll edited Rice’s Wikipedia page, replacing Rice’s photograph with a stock image of a chimpanzee.

As of this writing, the photo of Rice has been restored, but the edit record remains for all to see.


American racists continue to class it up. A young boy who was armed with a toy gun was shot by officer Timothy Loehmann within seconds of arriving at a public park where Rice was playing, and after a grand jury fumbled yet another indictment of a police officer in the wrongful death of an unarmed African-American, racists added insult to injury by besmirching Rice’s memory with a chimp photo. The other takeaway is this: racists, in addition to being ignorant knuckleheads, are still moronically digging up the monkey photos to smear African-Americans — a meme that’s endured for hundreds of years.

Regarding the failure of the grand jury in Cleveland to induct Loehmann and his partner, Cuyahoga County prosecutor Tim McGinty said, “Simply put, given this perfect storm of human error, mistakes and miscommunications by all involved that day, the evidence did not indicate criminal conduct by police.” Well, sure, because clearly it’s faster and safer to just shoot-to-kill rather than disarming a child who’s carrying a toy gun.

Even if Rice was acting in a threatening manner against the police, whatever happened to disarming a suspect using non-fatal means? This is obviously a systemic problem in which police officers are being instructed to kill rather than disarm. Consequently, it’s happening more often — and with African-Americans in the crosshairs.

It’s taken 400 days to get to this point. Commenting on the long road to injustice, a lawyer for Rice’s family said, “This is apparently how long it takes to engineer denying justice to a family when the video of the incident clearly illustrates probable cause to charge the officer.”

Image via Crooks & Liars.

Featured image via Wikimedia.