TX Christian Says God Helped Her Redirect Tornado To Another Neighborhood, Killing 8 (AUDIO)

We often hear about the “power of prayer,” but one Texas woman has taken that delusion to a new level. According to Sabrina Lowe of Rowlett, she saved her family’s lives (and killed others instead) with magic! On Saturday, a total of nine tornadoes ravaged North Texas, uprooting trees, doing thousands of dollars in damage, and killing a total of 11 people.

Lowe says that she heard the tornado approaching her home, where 10 family members were visiting when they all began praying for God to send the EF4 tornado, with winds up to 180 miles per hour, somewhere else:

“We actually went outside and started commanding the winds, because God had given us authority over the winds, the airways. And we just began to command this storm not to hit our area. We spoke to the storm and said, ‘Go to unpopulated places.’ It did exactly what we said to do, because God gave us the authority to do that.”

Since she admits (delusionally) to commanding the wind with the power of Jesus, one must wonder if Lowe feels remotely guilty for the deaths of the eight people killed by that very tornado, which destroyed 600 buildings in addition to the death toll. No one was killed in Rowlett.

“Others weren’t so lucky or blessed,” NPR’s Bill Zeeble notes. “Officials say many as a thousand North Texas homes were damaged or destroyed. Garland was the hardest hit. Meteorologists say a powerful tornado hit the town with winds exceeding 200 miles an hour. ”

Most people wouldn’t be proud of killing numerous other people by basically, through the power of Jesus, briefly becoming Storm from X-Men — but Sabrina the middle-aged Jesus-witch seems perfectly content with the death toll and destruction, as long as she is OK. Could she have prayed for the wind to dissipate? Of course — but she asked God to send it somewhere else.

Assuming she is correct in her assumption that she can control the weather, perhaps she should turn herself in for the damage she caused by making a wish that caused an incredible amount of damage and cost lives. At minimum, this woman is a sociopath if she doesn’t see anything wrong with her alleged tornado mastery getting people killed. Perhaps, just perhaps, she should seek therapy and medication to help her deal with her delusions of grandeur.

In any case, what sort of person is proud of killing people, even if it is all in her head?

Lowe isn’t the first to claim that God gave her the power to save herself from a tornado by killing others. In 2012, a Kentucky person claimed that the power of prayer redirected a tornado from her home. The funnel cloud rolled into a neighboring city and killed six people. “The loss is beyond comprehension,” she said after she learned of the deaths. “I’ve been praying for them every night.” Unfortunately, she was not able to pray them back to life.

Listen to her explain how she did the thing she did with the wind, below:

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