WATCH: Obama’s Best Rebuttals Of Republican Bulls**t During His Presidency (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama has been known for his oratory skills and his “no drama Obama” coolness under pressure. He’s also known for his quick wit and rebuttals when Republicans attack him, and there have been plenty of attacks in the seven years he’s been president. The Democratic president has always handled himself with charisma and a humor that will be missed once he leaves office in a year.

Take for example this question posed by Barbara Walters about Sarah Palin. Obama is actually trying to be nice until he’s pushed a little:

Walters: “You may have heard that Sarah Palin told me just last week that she could beat you if she ran. Could she?”

Obama: “You know I don’t speculate on what’s gonna happen two years from now.”

Walters: “Mr. President, you will not tell me that you think you could beat Sarah Palin?”

Obama: “What I’m saying is I don’t think about Sarah Palin.”


Obama’s quick wit continues in the video when John McCain, speaking in Texas, criticized Obama for comments made during a previous debate between the two during the 2008 presidential elections:

McCain: I have some news. al-Qaeda is in Iraq. It’s called al-Qaeda in Iraq. And my friends, if we left they wouldn’t be establishing a base. They would be taking a country and I’m not going to allow that to happen. I will not surrender to al-Qaeda.”

Obama: First of all, I do know that al-Qaeda’s in Iraq and that’s why I said we should continue to strike al-Qaeda targets but I have some news for John McCain. And that is that there was no such thing as al-Qaeda in Iraq until George Bush and John McCain decided to invade Iraq.”

Obama not only has the ability to rebutt the bulls**t of the Republicans, but he does it in a graceful and amusing way. Lots of people will miss him, but the Republicans he made look like fools will not.

Featured Image Via Video Screen Capture From YouTube.