Woman Shoots ‘Friend’ For Being Atheist, Keeps Body For Days As ‘Shrine To God’

A 39-year-old Phoenix, Arizona woman is facing first degree murder charges after shooting her friend in the eye. Anitra Braxton was found in her home with a days old corpse on her couch after the cops entered with a search warrant. The reasoning behind the murder is nothing short of bizarre: the victim — who police believe may have been pregnant — did not believe in God.

Apparently, in the world of loony Christianity that Braxton inhabits, this is a reason for murder. So, she shot the unnamed victim in the eye, and kept the body on the couch as a “shrine to God.”

Originally, the police entered the home, located at 1515 W. Missouri Avenue, on multiple reports that the towel-covered corpse of a black woman could be seen inside. Originally, Braxton lied and said no one else was home. Then, after her arrest, she told police that the body was her own, a “shrine” to her maker. Then, she admitted to shooting the woman, who had been her friend, in the eye for her refusal to believe in Braxton’s God.

These admissions resulted in the aforementioned murder charges, and Braxton could also face other charges related to the murder, as it seems she cleaned the apartment, which would, in most such cases, definitely count as tampering with evidence.

Now, not to suggest that most or even many Christians would find this justifiable, but this sort of thing is just further evidence of how dangerous religion can be. When people truly believe that they are acting in the name of God, they’ll literally do anything. This woman murdered her own friend over a difference of religious belief, a friend who was possibly carrying an unborn child. This could be the result of mental illness manifesting itself in extreme religious zealotry, but, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. A woman is dead over a deity for whose existence there is literally zero evidence.

That, in and of itself, is nothing short of a travesty, and really should make people think about the zeal with which they practice such beliefs.

Featured image via Fox 10