Bullet Wearing Trump Spokeswoman Goes Full Crazy With What She Wants To Wear Next (TWEET)

Just when you thought you heard or saw what you could only assume was the craziest thing ever done by a political campaign, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump outdoes himself. He does so either by himself, or with the help of his team, including his spokesperson Katrina Pierson, a former Tea Party candidate herself.

Pierson just appeared on CNN wearing a necklace made of bullets. If you wear a necklace made of bullets, depending on who you ask, people are likely going to either think you’re awesome or crazy. Likely crazy.

Trying to rationalize why someone might wear such a monstrous piece of “jewelry,” leading gun reform group ‘Moms Demand Action’ founder, Shannon Watts, tweeted directly at Pierson what she thinks the Trump mouthpiece may have been doing:

However, rational thought and anything to do with Donald Trump or the Tea Party do not go hand in hand. Pierson, instead, being clearly insane, responds with this:

Umm… Yep, she just said that. Can’t take it away. That will forever be on the interwebs. She clearly has no desire to run for office again. However, seeing as Trump himself can get away with saying the most outrageous things every uttered by a political candidate, and still do well in the polls, she may still have a shot.

Did she think she was being clever with this response? Did she think it would negate her crazy? Like maybe, two crazy things back to back equals something not crazy? Two negatives make a positive? Who knows?

Now we’re all going to have to wait and see if she follows through and actually wears a fetus. Wouldn’t put it past her. She’s a few sandwiches short of a full picnic, so really anything could happen. And Trump will likely go further up in the polls, because America.

Featured image: C&L