GOP Staffer Holds Dell Technician ‘At Gunpoint,’ Forces Him To Work On Computer

In case you hadn’t heard, the GOP loves guns. In fact, they’re willing to resort to a “Second Amendment Solution” to just about everything. Take  Joseph “Joe” Nestor Mondello, for instance. The former GOP Senatorial staffer and lobbyist felt that a computer technician in his home was not working fast enough — so he held him at “gunpoint” until the job was done, increasing the worker’s efficiency by oh, say, 47%.

Mondello, a lobbyist and self-proclaimed “communications expert” (who is unable to fix his own computer) became a bit perturbed when a technician working on his computer said he needed to run out to grab a part he needed for the repairs. According to Arlington County Police spokesperson Dustin Sternbeck, the news that he might have to wait a bit for the Dell technician to get what he needed to do the job “sent our subject over the edge.”

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A photo of this Second Amendment hero, via Patch

“He became furious and clearly agitated,” Sternbeck said. Mondello told the tech ”you’re not leaving this house until the computer is fixed” — a feat that would be difficult to accomplish without the needed parts. That’s when former Republican U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s one-time Legislative Director decided a Second Amendment Solution was in order. He left the room and returned with a what appeared to be a gun, telling the tech:

”I’m going to kill you slowly.”

Mondello’s wife came downstairs upon hearing the threats and stood between her husband and the man he was terrorizing. The tech then fled the house and called 911 after contacting his office. A SWAT team was sent to Mondello’s residence and search warrants were executed. Eventually, he turned himself in. He was arrested Monday night and charged with abduction. The “gun” turned out to be a replica.

“They look like the real thing,” Sternbeck said. “Replica weapons have serious consequences as well.”

While the gun might have been fake — this time — this scenario perfectly explains the Republican obsession with guns. If things aren’t going your way, draw and point. The conservative psyche is absolutely chilling.

Featured image via Patch