Bill Cosby Thanks ‘Friends And Fans’ In New Year’s Tweet, Twitter EVISCERATES Him (TWEETS)

Bill Cosby was America’s favorite dad for a long time. However, there was a dark side to the comedian and television icon’s legacy. For years, there have been whispers that Cosby was drugging and sexually assaulting young women, many of whom were young, starstruck, naive and believed that Cosby could help with their entertainment careers.

In recent times, though, Cosby’s alleged dirty deeds came back to haunt him, and nearly 60 women came forward to reveal to the world what he had done. Finally, with the statute of limitations on one of the cases just days from running out, Cosby was arrested for sexual assault.

On New Year’s Eve, Cosby sent out a tweet to his “friends and fans,” who support him despite the damning evidence against him and the huge number of women saying he violated them. While there are certainly many Cosby apologists out there, most people at this point believe the women. It turned out that sending this tweet was definitely the wrong thing to do. Twitter pounced on the disgraced star as he, in my opinion, so richly deserved:

Plenty of people pointed out that Cosby is innocent until proven guilty, which, to be fair, is true. However, considering the fact that he admitted under oath that he used quaaludes on women he wanted to have sex with…well, let’s just say the cards are stacked against him.

This really just goes to show that America has a major issue with victim blaming and refusal to believe women who are victimized, especially when a beloved celebrity is the one being accused. Being rich and famous with a lot of fans and influence should not mean that one is above the law, and that is what has been the case with Cosby for years. Yes, he should have his day in court — but so should the victims. Justice is what is important here, not a television legacy.

Featured image via Bill Cosby Twitter/Raw Story