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FL ‘Responsible Gun Owners’ Shoot 9-Year-Old Girl During ‘Celebratory’ New Year’s Gunfire (VIDEO)

A bunch of the NRA’s “responsible gun owners” in Florida rang in the new year with gunfire — something that had a very negative impact on at least one little girl’s ability to enjoy herself. As she was leaving an Orlando church just after midnight, a massive amount of gunfire rang out. Was ISIS attacking? Nope. Was there yet another mass shooting happening? Negative. Was the American Taliban celebrating New Year’s Day by wildly firing their weapons? Bingo.

As the girl was exiting the service at a church on the 800 block of South Kirkman Road, the was struck in the right arm by a bullet, according to police. Law enforcement says that the girl was not targeted — the bullet came from one of many individuals who were wildly firing their “self-defense” weapons into the air in celebration of the holiday.

“There are many ways to enjoy the New Year, but firing random shots in the air should not be among them,” Orange County Sheriff Demings in a statement. Unfortunately, police do not think a suspect can be found because the round that struck the little girl “seemed to be from the voluminous amounts of gunfire” happening at the time of this senseless shooting.

Firing a gun in public or on a residential property is a crime, and can range from a first-degree misdemeanor to a third-degree felony. Unfortunately, the nation’s ammosexuals do not care much about laws regarding guns, with many demanding that gun sellers ignore Obama’s planned executive action to keep these dangerous weapons out of the hands of people who should not have them — a group that probably includes every single person who felt the appropriate way to ring in the new year is by randomly firing their guns and almost killing a child.

The little girl was treated on the scene by the Orlando Fire Department, and is expected to recover from her injuries — fortunately.

Watch a report on this senseless shooting below:

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