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Road Raging Texas ‘Good Guy With A Gun’ Shoots Woman In The Head, Leaves Her For Dead

A University of North Texas student is in critical condition after one of the NRA’s “responsible gun owners” shot her in the head during a roadway dispute. According to police, the shooting occurred shortly after 2 a.m on New Year’s Day. Police arrived at what they assumed was a run-of-the-mill New Year’s drunk driving incident, but quickly learned that the driver of a car that slammed into an electrical pole near Texas Woman’s University had been shot in the head.

According to witnesses, the driver — a 20-year-old woman who remains unidentified — and her three passengers met with a bit of New Year’s terror when an SUV carrying five or six men pulled up alongside them. The occupants of the vehicles apparently argued, leading the men to do what gun-toting road ragers do best — one of them pulled out a gun and opened fire on the woman’s sedan.

After taking a bullet to the head, the driver lost control and crashed into another vehicle before slamming into the pole. Her passengers suffered minor injuries. One of them — another female — was treated at the hospital and released. The driver remains in critical condition. The shooter, of course, fled the scene along with his friends.

According to witnesses, at least two of them men were seen at a New Year’s Eve party earlier that night, though there are no other leads that would help locate them.

Unfortunately, people who need to validate their manhood by toting guns around are more likely to engage in road rage-y behaviors when they have the option of filling the object of their anger with holes, according to a Harvard School of Public Health study. In addition, a University of Wisconsin study confirms that the presence of guns stimulates violent thoughts and actions in everyone around the weapons — they don’t even have to be holding the Second Amendment Stick.

Hopefully, the shooter is brought to justice — whomever he is. The NRA constantly tells us that “responsible gun owners” will save us — but the problem is that everyone who owns a gun is “responsible” — until they aren’t. Everyone who carries a weapon is a “good guy with a gun” — until they aren’t.

Since the open carry of handguns just became legal in Texas with the start of the New Year, we can surely expect to see more of this from the Lone Star State.


The victim,  Sara Mutschlechner was taken off life support and passed away shortly before 7 p.m. She had been serving as the designated driver for a group of friends that night.

Featured image via Odisha Sun Times