Skywriter Leaves HILARIOUSLY Honest Messages About Trump Above Rose Parade (IMAGES)

There are a lot of ways to express your disfavor of a presidential candidate. However, some are just far more entertaining and hilarious than others.

Some people choose to show up to campaign events and protest. Others may bombard a candidate on Twitter. And then there’s the group that goes all out, hires a skywriter, and has a message of disdain written across the sky over the nationally televised Rose Parade.

It looks as thought the people over at have done just that.

Who was this contempt aimed at? None other than Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump who has the now infamous campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again!”

What did the skywriter write across the sky for all to see? One of messages read:


Simple, yet honest, and definitely went directly to the point.

Another message read:


And another:


Signed, cordially:

How badly do you have to not like a candidate to hire a skywriter to spread your message? It seems when Trump says that Americans “love” him, it may not be as many as he’d like to think.

Truth is, America is pretty damn great already, and has gotten better under President Obama. These Republican candidates who claim they want to turn things around or make things great again apparently liked an America on the brink of another depression. They apparently liked an America where LGBT citizens weren’t granted equal protection under the law as guaranteed in the 14th Amendment. They apparently liked an America where people didn’t have affordable access to healthcare. They apparently liked no consumer protections from credit card companies.

Kudos to who hired the skywriter to display this messages of derision against Donald Trump, good on you. Donald Trump is disgusting, and America is already great, and hopefully will get even better with the election of another Democrat in November.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore (flickr)