Four Shot Dead, One Left To Face Charges As Family Of Drunken Gun Collector Fight Over Laundry

Alcohol and guns could be the worst idea ever conceived by humanity. Drinking too much induces poor judgement and anger. Guns produce death and destruction when subject to poor judgement and anger. That was certainly the case in Los Angeles, where a man described as a “heavy drinker” had himself a gun collection and an argument that led to a whole lot of death.

The 54-year-old man was apparently arguing over the washing machine, according to the Daily Mail. That escalated into the man shooting and killing his bedridden wife, his son’s girlfriend and a 27-year-old man who was visiting. His son then wrestled the gun from his father and shot him, bringing the senseless death toll over a washing machine to four.

Neighbors said the son is a 28-year-old with an 8-month-old daughter. The police say they’ve been called to the residence on many occasions.

And therein lies the problem. Police sent to disturbances at a house like that are bound to know there are weapons on the premises. The man isn’t obligated to show them to officers, produce registration or insurance, or prove that he is qualified to fire a weapon safely. If he’s a habitual drinker, the end result was always going to be a lot of death. What can the police do? Nothing.

Now the son is facing murder charges, which means after he got to witness his father murder his mother, his girlfriend and his friend in cold blood, he wrestled the gun away and executed his own father in what many would call a justifiable fit of rage and others would call another consequence of Americans having unlimited access to guns.

The entire incident is nothing but a waste of human life and a tragic start to the mass shootings counter for 2016.

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