You Won’t Believe Who Paid For the Anti-Trump Sky Ads at the Rose Bowl

It turns out that the individual who bought the anti-Trump sky ads at the Rose Bowl is a supporter of Trump’s rival for the Republican nomination. That person happens to be Luther Stan Pate IV, a real estate developer worth millions, who is a backer of Marco Rubio.

Pate had already donated $5,000 to the Rubio campaign in early 2015, before Rubio officially announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination. FEC filings show that Pete is listed as the Treasurer and Custodian of Records for a new group called the “WeThePeople Foundation,” an anti-Trump PAC set up on December 29th.

The banners read “Anybody but Trump,” “Iowans Dump Trump”, and “America is Great Trump is Disgusting” in the sky at the Rose Bowl with a number of skywriting planes. The skywriting also directed individuals to the PAC’s new website where people can view even more attacks on the controversial billionaire candidate. The website  allows visitors to buy anti-Trump items, and to post anti-Trump videos and material.

So what is Pate’s motivation behind spending lots of time and money attacking Trump, another Republican candidate? Apparently, Pate is an establishment GOP figure and Trump has been smashing all of the establishment GOP candidates — including Bush, Kasich, and Christie. Meanwhile, Carson’s campaign appears to be coming to a halt, with many in his campaign jumping ship. A Republican strategist said:

People are finally taking the threat that Trump will destroy the Republican Party and lose the general election to Hillary Clinton seriously.”

Establishment Republicans believe that the controversial billionaire has alienated a large sector of the Republican voting block. His sexist statements on women, his racist statements on Mexicans, and his Islamophobic rants have led many to believe that he wouldn’t stand a chance against the Democratic nominee. That apparently means that besides the creepy Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio is the only establishment-backed Republican who has any shot at beating Trump and winning the nomination.

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Hopefully all the Republican candidates and their supporters will continue to discredit each other.


Featured image via screen capture