Fox News Defends The Confederacy After Right-Wing Militia Seizes Federal Building (VIDEO)

Hours after right-wing militia members committed treason against the United States, Fox News defended the Confederacy and the Confederate flag.

Fox and Friends host Tucker Carlson declared that attacking the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism is an assault on middle America during the Sunday morning broadcast.

Carlson took particular issue with director Quentin Tarantino’s recent remarks on the subject, in which he said, “I’ve always felt the rebel flag was some American swastika.”

This caused Carlson to fly into a rage against the the Hateful Eight director before going on to defend the flag and the Confederacy.

“I don’t think he knows anything about the Confederacy,” the Fox host said. “I would be shocked if Quentin Tarantino could name three Civil War battles if his life depended on it.”

“This is an attack by the elites on middle American culture. Using the Confederacy and the battle flag and all that stuff, they’re just symbols to them of what they believe is the backward culture between Malibu and Georgetown. It’s like they look out and, man, everyone is in the Klan. You know, they eat pork rinds, they watch NASCAR, they’re horrible.”

Co-host Clayton Morris pointed out that Nazis and American white supremacists both use the Confederate flag as a symbol of their racist and anti-government views, which seemed to cause Carlson to step back for a moment to claim that he isn’t defending the flag even though that’s what he was doing the entire time. He also claimed that he doesn’t support armed rebellion against the government. But, of course, Carlson concluded by trying to enrage conservatives enough to the point where they might become even more violent against the government.

“I would say that [Tarantino] is not making a reasonable point here. He’s making the point that the president always makes, that the real threat is middle America. They have too many guns, they’re into this Christianity thing. They are opposed to abortion. They have all kinds of Medieval views that are a threat to America. It really is an attack on middle American culture.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

As right-wing militias continue to become more emboldened, conservative media appears to be supportive of their actions. After all, Carlson and his co-hosts only devoted about 15 seconds to covering an armed attack on the United States government while focusing much more time on defending the losers of the Civil War who tried to overthrow the United States via armed rebellion. Clearly, these thugs in Oregon need to be arrested and locked away from civilized society and Fox News should be shut down for trying to anger more people into supporting violence against government.

Because that’s exactly what they are doing by claiming that the government thinks people in middle America are a threat. They are trying to gin up fundamentalist Christians, anti-abortion fanatics, and gun nuts into getting angry enough to start shooting and committing acts of terrorism that will get people killed. It’s one thing to have a conservative point of view, but what Fox News is doing now looks an awful lot like support for treason and terrorism.

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