Pres. Obama Starts 2016 With A Huge Win: Iran Turns Over Nuclear Program, GOP Silenced

“The Nuclear Deal” became a Republican talking point as soon as it became inevitable that the Obama administration was going to move forward and try to do what no Democrat or Republican could do for 30 years: tell the Iranians to sit down and do as they’re told so people┬ácan stop finding reasons to bomb each other.

We were told from the beginning that Iran wasn’t suddenly a friendly nation. We were told flat out that they support terrorism and that they have human rights issues and women’s rights issues and all kinds of things to sort out. All of that being true is also the reason we couldn’t just sit back and allow a potentially unpredictable rogue nuclear nation to decide to eliminate a neighbor, friend or foe.

You see, we can’t just have people nuking each other. When the deal was made the GOP immediately called it a giveaway. They rang up the total of how much the Iranian economy — and therefore its people — would gain with sanctions lifted and called that number the amount Obama was “giving to terrorists.” The amount of enriched product Iran would have left would be enough to kill Israel 50 times. They spewed lie after lie to make people afraid — it’s what they do — of the very thought of Iran having anything nuclear at all within its borders.

The Republican plan is simple: keep the sanctions on Iran, making them as helpless as possible on the oil market, and then start a war. It’s just the next inevitable Republican War. If we elect a Republican president we can pretty much bank on it. Several candidates have said they would “tear up the deal” on their first day in office.

Unfortunately for the GOP, Iran just surrendered its entire stockpile of enriched uranium to the Russians. What little material they have left will be downgraded to fissionable reactor plates for an internationally supervised test reactor with zero capability of producing weapons-grade material.

The transfer included tons of low-grade material that could have potentially been enriched along with the entire inventory of enriched uranium the Iranians possessed. At this point, the Iranians are reduced to a pre-nuclear industrial era where the only thing nuclear reactors do are experiments.

That’s what the people who listen to the voices of doom on stage at GOP debates don’t get. There never was any way for Iran to get out of the stipulations of the deal. Their path to a nuclear weapon was cut off at the knees. This latest step to full implementation is yet another incredible win for a president who refuses to allow his legacy to die during his “lame duck” years.

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