WATCH The Hilarious ‘Goodbye’ Video Posted By One Of Oregon’s Militia Terrorists (VIDEO)

Thus far, the Oregon militia members who have occupied the federal building of a wildlife reserve are facing absolutely no threat of action being taken against them by government officials. Nonetheless, at least one of them has admitted that  he actually went to join these domestic terrorists with the intention of dying in a standoff, and subsequent statements and actions have shown that the others are likely thinking along those same lines. For instance, at least one of the militiamen has actually taken the time to film and upload a goodbye video to his family and other loved ones. While the videos are serious and tearful to the right-wing loons, they are nothing short of hilarious to those of us who aren’t completely insane. Here is the one from known domestic terrorist and Muslim hater Jon Ritzheimer:


Honestly, if this loon cared about his children that much, he’d realize that missing the entire holiday season for this nonsense is doing them a tremendous disservice. All in the name of… what? Wanting to be above the law? Wanting to die as some kind of “free man?” I don’t think that means what he thinks it means.

Take your meds and go home, Mr. Ritzheimer. Even if you don’t die there, you’ll likely spend a lengthy stretch of time in federal prison for these ridiculous antics. Either way, your children need you home, not out terrorizing and occupying government facilities. If you knew anything about being a good father, you’d know that. Then again, those kids would be better off not being raised by such a loon anyway. Good luck to them, they’ll need it.

Featured image via video screen capture