Anti-Government Terrorists Forgot Snacks, Want You To Send Via U.S. Mail

On Thursday Blaine Cooper, one of the anti-government terrorists who is participating in the armed takeover of a bird sanctuary in Oregon, put out a call for snacks on social media.

According to the terrorist group, now known as Ya’llQueda, the armed militants decided to seize the more than 100 year old wildlife refuge because it is a symbol of everything that is wrong in America, such as not being able to set fire to public lands, turn your freeloading cattle loose to feed off American taxpayers, or even ride your ATV through ancient archaeological sites, the way, according to Ammon Bundy “we used to could do.”

The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1908. ATV’s came on the market in the U.S. in the 1960’s. The stupidity of right wing extremism is timeless.

In case you needed more proof that this is the dumbest armed takeover of a bird sanctuary EVER, the anti-government terrorists who told America that they plan to stay holed up inside the visitor’s building of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge “for as long as it takes,” even “for years,” are asking people to send snacks.

During a secretive press conference held on the second day of Ya’llQueda’s armed occupation of the federal wildlife refuge, Bundy told the press, “We do have a plan and that plan is going to take several months to accomplish.”

What kind of idiotic plan involves living in the visitor’s building of a wildlife sanctuary for “months,” even “years if necessary,” but does not also include packing snacks?


Image credit: screen capture, Blaine Cooper, via Independent UK

Not only is Ya’llQueda already begging for snacks, but these admitted haters of the federal government would like you to send them snacks via the U.S. mail.

You just cannot get any dumber than these people.

(You might recognize self-proclaimed militia leader Blaine Cooper from this video, or even from the Bundy ranch fiasco, last year.)

During the press conference on Saturday, Bundy referred to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, with its 320 bird species, as a “tool of tyranny.”

According to the official website, the Harney County Migratory Bird Festival is a major tourist attraction and a staple of the local economy. The festival draws visitors from all over the world, and reservations for bird-viewing tours fill up almost as soon as they become available.

In Bundy’s delusional mind he’s a hero and a patriot setting an oppressed people free from bird tyranny. In the minds of the residents of Harney County, he’s a lunatic.

More than 50 percent of the residents of Harney County work for the government. As OPB reports here, the town has always had a collaborative, rather than an antagonistic relationship with the federal government. Signs posted throughout the town, reading “Go home militia,” make it clear enough that Bundy and his followers aren’t wanted there.

Bundy claims he’s “giving the land back to the people.” Never mind that it’s PUBLIC land, or that it already belongs to the people. Need we mention that Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was accessible to everyone right up until the day these assholes took it over, causing the government to have to close it down for public safety reasons?

What these dipshits have a problem with is being asked to respect public land, and to help protect it for future generations. They want to be able to let their cows graze on it at the expense of other taxpayers. They want to be able to ride their ATV’s through it and drive their pickup trucks over it (in other words exploit and destroy it) and who the hell cares about nesting birds anyways? They also want to be able to poach wildlife and burn down the forest if they feel like it, just like the two criminals they’re trying so hard to turn into martyrs for their utterly stupid cause.

If the government is smart, they’ll send these idiots a dozen boxes of Ding Dong’s laced with some hard core tranquilizers. Knock their dumb-asses out. Take away their guns. Let them wake up in jail where they belong. No-one gets hurt. The public gets its land back from these delusional lunatics. Bundy and the rest of the #Yeehawdists with him all get prison time and felony records, meaning they’ll never be allowed to own guns or terrorize their fellow citizens again.

Sounds like a good plan to me.

Watch: Ryan Bundy, one of the leaders behind the terrorist takeover in Oregon, explains the Constitution and stuff on youtube.

*Featured image credit: video screen capture, via Southern Nevada Watchdogs on youtube