Donald Trump’s First Campaign TV Ad Is Here, And It’s Worse Than We Imagined (VIDEO)

While an armed militia group of domestic terrorists seize and occupy a federal building by force, GOP Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has released his first campaign TV ad. It’s worse than we imagined.

Donald Trump says he wants to make America great again. In this small catchphrase lay a few assumptions. Firstly, that America is not great now. Secondly, that it ever was great. Thirdly, all the assumptions around what exactly is wrong, and what would restore the nation to greatness.

Let’s pretend for a moment that the first and the second assumptions are true. It is certainly ground that liberals and conservatives might share. That is what is so enticing about the statement, but when progressives list the greatest issues facing America, they often come up with things like:

  • Income equality reaching the same levels as it was in 1928 and reversing the work of the New Deal entirely
  • The school-to-prison pipeline, funneling poor kids from inadequate schools into the criminal justice system
  • Having the highest incarceration rate in the world, meaning that we have more of our population in jail than any other nation on earth
  • The US education system dropping to 29th in the world for Science and Math, behind Vietnam, Poland and Estonia
  • The US becoming a world leader in child poverty, with 16 million children reliant on food stamps to eat.
  • The scourge of gun crime and the mass shooting epidemic
  • The erosion of privacy and civil liberties, the increasing power of the surveillance state, and the corrupting influence of money in politics

But if you were hoping optimistically that any of these issue were going to be addressed in Trump’s campaign ad — you’ll be bitterly disappointed.

What three things will Donald Trump do to make America great again?

  • Ban Muslims entering the U.S.
  • Defeat ISIS
  • Build a wall to keep out immigrants (that somehow, Mexico will pay for)

The eagle-eyed amongst you will note, none of these three things in any way relates to the major issues facing America in the coming decade and century.

Where are our next great engineers, inventors and scientists going to come from when we have the worst education system in the developed world? If we aren’t growing them at home, and we can’t import them due to immigration bans, how on earth is America going to be great in these fields?

It is not only that Trump and the GOP do not have the answers to the biggest questions of our age, it’s that they aren’t even asking those questions. Trump doesn’t want to make America great again, he wants to make America white again. He is speaking only to the frightened, white folks of the land who genuinely believe anybody other than rich white people (lawmakers, business leaders and presidents past) are responsible for the decline of the nation.

As Hillary Clinton put it in New Hampshire this week:

“You can’t make America great again if you insult and demean the people of America.”

Featured Image via YouTube Screengrab