Patriot Can’t Wait To Go Fight Gubmint With Oregon Militia, Just Needs Welfare Check First

You know that feeling when you want to overthrow the oppressive federal government, but you can’t afford it until that same oppressive federal government sends you your disability check? This right-wing patriot sure does!

Among the thousands (upon thousands) of delusional anti-government comments the Bundy Ranch Facebook page has gotten in support of their violent takeover of a Oregon wildlife refuge to protest the punishment of convicted arsonists comes this gem from a bona fide right-wing nut job, who is chomping at the bit to grab his gun and join the cause — if only he could afford it.


You read that right, Daniel Brewer here can’t spend the $300 he estimates he’ll need to get to Oregon because the government hasn’t sent him his disability check yet. Instead, he sends his “prayers” to the Oregon militia and instructs them to go down shooting in a firefight with law enforcement.

First identified by blogger Jim Wright of, the comment perfectly illustrates the absurd delusional fantasy the anti-government extremists manage to live in. It may be fun to pretend you and your warm gun can take on the big bad government, but you like the benefits that same government gives you – in this case, a literal check every month so you can get by.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen right-wingers confused about just what exactly it is they hate about the government. During the ugly healthcare debate, one of the most embarrassing rallying cries coming from those who opposed Obamacare was that the government should “keep its hands out of medicare.” Medicare, you may remember, is a government healthcare plan. President Obama himself mocked the sheer idiocy of these anti-government government users. He recounted a baffling letter he had received from one concerned woman — no doubt told by Fox News that the government would ruin her health insurance — who pleaded with him to not pass the ACA:

“I got a letter the other day from a woman. She said, ‘I don’t want government-run health care. I don’t want socialized medicine. And don’t touch my Medicare.'”


Our hapless anti-government militia sympathizer is, unsurprisingly, a conspiracy enthusiast as well. Scattered among pictures of his family, Brewer’s Facebook page features dozens of right-wing memes and articles suggesting Muslims are imposing Sharia Law in America (they’re not) and calls for Obama to resign (he isn’t).

The conclusion we can draw from this is clear: Many of the people who say they hate the government wouldn’t know what to do without it. They don’t want to pay taxes (who does?) and they don’t like being told they can’t do everything they want, but they sure do love the services “gubmint” gives them.

Feature image via SBNation