Tom Cotton Accepted $1 Million From Israel To Sabotage Iran Nuclear Deal

How much money does it take for a foreign nation to buy a United States Senator? Just ask Republican Tom Cotton.

For a lousy $1 million paycheck, Israel hired Cotton to lead an effort to sabotage the Iran nuclear deal that the Obama Administration toiled for months to achieve.

Bill Kristol’s Emergency Committee for Israel donated to Cotton’s senatorial campaign and not long after taking office, Cotton penned a letter signed by 47 of his colleagues to Iranian leaders in an attempt to get them to abandon the negotiations by warning that a Republican president will not honor any deal struck.

His effort to sabotage important diplomatic negotiations even drew criticism from a former Army General who expressed disappointment because as a former veteran himself, Cotton should know better than to undermine the Commander-in-Chief.

In July, Cotton continued his effort by comparing Secretary of State John Kerry and the Iran Deal to Pontius Pilate and the crucifixion of Jesus.

Then Cotton openly made an oath to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a trip to Israel in which he pledged his allegiance to Israel and vowed to sabotage the Iran deal.

“Today’s meeting only reaffirms my opposition to this deal,” Cotton announced. “I will stand with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel and work with my colleagues in Congress to stop this deal and to ensure that Israel has the means to defend itself against Iran and its terrorist surrogates.”

And this perfectly illustrates how Israel got Republicans to turn against their own country, and is fitting since a recent NSA leak has revealed that Israel did, indeed, bribe GOP members of Congress to rail against the Iran deal.

As Addicting Info reported last week,

A U.S. intelligence official who was involved in managing the NSA intercepts said Israel’s communications with Republicans included such questions as: “How can we get your vote? What’s it going to take?” What further denial of treason can be made by either Republicans or Israel at this point?

Clearly, Israel successfully bought their new puppets considering Republicans crusaded against the deal for months. And the fact that America’s broken campaign finance laws gave Israel the secret opportunity to donate to campaigns like Cotton’s only makes Republican and Israeli treachery all the more credible.

Cotton got a million dollars for his campaign from an Israel Super PAC and then went to work for his Israeli overlords to sabotage American foreign policy.

Sometimes, it really is that simple.

Featured Image: Gage Skidmore (flickr)