Wow: Did The Palins Lie About When Bristol’s Baby Was Born To Cover Up The Truth? (IMAGES)

Conspiracy theories aren’t something I take seriously very often. The type of people who engage in conspiracy theories spend their time on Alex Jones’ site talking about false flags and how mass shootings are a hoax. Fourteen years later, and they just can’t admit that steel does in fact bend and melt and buildings fall down when you crash big planes into them.

To be grouped with the crazies is inconceivable, but every so often something comes along that seems far-fetched — until you look closely. This particular theory is brought to you by the Blogspot Right Wing Crooks, who seem to have figured out how and why Bristol Palin’s baby was born in November and not December like she claims.

The entire story goes into great detail about individual Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts, friends of the family and the supposed father and former fiance brought in to make it all neat and clean. In a nutshell, the theory is that Bristol Palin was impregnated in or around the time she was in Las Vegas last year complaining about “the night that ruined her life” a month before a Medal of Honor winner mysteriously appears to sweep her off her feet, propose and become an immediate fixture in all aspects of her public, private and online life.

The timeline begins on Palin’s Instagram on Valentines Day.  A selfie of her and an Alaskan prostitute adult industry worker dressed to impress for a night on the town appears with the caption “The night before the worst mistake of my life.” The picture is still there, but the caption, as reported by Right Wing Crooks, has been changed to #Vegas.

If that was the night Bristol Palin was impregnated, a typical gestation period would bring her into early to mid-November for a due date. The fist picture of Bristol with her new daughter, Sailor, appeared on Christmas Eve:


The Palins are notorious attention seekers. Up to this point, there was no mention of babies or deliveries or hospitals. All of a sudden, bam. There’s Bristol, looking content with her daughter.

Sarah hadn’t posted at all either, but when she did there was a bit of a problem. When you post to Facebook your location is logged. Sarah Palin was somehow holding and loving on her brand new granddaughter in a Hospital in Parker, Alaska but posting to Facebook from New Orleans. Here is the actual post:

Things got really fishy when a picture of Bristol and her little girl showed a piece of tape with an IV date on it. After enhancing, both Right Wing Crooks and Winning Democrats are convinced that the date most likely reads 11/4/15. November 4th, which by the Vegas pregnancy theory puts Sailor at exactly where she’s supposed to be gestation-wise.

Here are the pictures with enhancements:

The theory is simple. To keep Bristol from looking like she got knocked up during a one night stand, a plan was formulated to move the birth. Bristol took pictures along the way, posting them a month or two in advance. If yopu check out her Instagram account, you’ll see that at 32 weeks (according to her) pregnant she looked pretty along:

32 weeks with my babe girl ?

   A photo posted by Bristol Palin (@bsmp2) on

That from October 29th to this on Thanksgiving, an entire month later? And what’s with the Christmas tree? It’s almost like the whole thing is just…staged:

Happy Thanksgiving ? .. thankful for my babies ❤️❤️

A photo posted by Bristol Palin (@bsmp2) on

How far-fetched is it really? You would simply have to consider what Sarah and the Palins would do to keep Bristol safe from the career (doing whatever it is she does) ending publicity of a one-night stand Vegas baby. Already her position as an abstinence counselor makes absolutely no sense, so that’s kind of a wash, but with the Duggaresque hypocrisy of Bristol being a faith blogger on Patheos and possibly a future “where are they now” Dancing With The Stars special guest, the concept of changing a couple of months for a clean(er) slate may have been just that appealing.

Did she fake the birth of her daughter nearly two months after it happened? According to Right Wing Crooks there are a slew of other tidbits that add to their theory:

  • For 48 hours there was not a word about the birth on Bristol’s blog on Patheos. In fact, at the same time the baby was allegedly being born, the blog had two completely irrelevant posts.  Of course, the blog is ghostwritten by one Nancy French and I guess she had not been brought into the scheme.
  • For 48 hours, there was not a word on Sarah Palin’s Facebook or Instagram or Twitter pages about the miraculous birth.
  • Then, on Christmas Day, Sarah’s Facebook page and Bristol’s Instagram page featured a black-and-white photo of Sarah and Todd holding an infant, wrapped in the same leopard-skin blanket as seen in the earlier photo of Tripp and the infant.
  • BUT:  Sarah’s Facebook comments and photo were posted — according to source data on the photo — from NEW ORLEANS.  If Sarah and Todd were in N.O., how were they able to hold the baby wrapped in the same blanket the baby was wrapped in up in Alaska?
  • Why would Sarah and Todd Palin be in New Orleans around Christmas?  There can be only one reason for her to go there and that is to visit Jason Recher, the Registered Agent and Manager of Sarah’s shell company NorthStar Strategies, LLC — the other shell company is Grey Stategies, Inc. run by Doug McMarlin.   Since Sarah is selling her Arizona house, she must be in a panic about money and is meeting with her financial managers trying to figure out how to avoid bankruptcy.
  • As for the photo on Bristol’s Instagram of her son Tripp welcoming his new baby sister:  (1) the pic is black and white while the pic of Bristol with the baby is color; and, (2) at the time the baby was allegedly born (Christmas Eve), Tripp was with his father Levi Johnston, according to photos and comments on Levi’s wife’s Facebook page.
  • No one has posted the baby’s weight and length — it’s common for new parents or grandparents to tell the world the baby’s size.
  • Several bloggers checked with every hospital that Bristol could have gone to — none of them delivered a baby for Bristol Palin on Christmas Eve.

That is all admittedly very compelling stuff. It is also very circumstantial. If it turns out to be true it will go down as a not-so-well-planned scandal from America’s first family of fools. If it’s not true, well…shame on the Palins for having an existence that makes it seem plausible.

Featured image via Instagram