40 Million Bad*ss Birders Just Declared War On Oregon Terrorists

According to an open letter addressed to the “Oregon Terrorists,” there are some 40 million nature photographers and bird lovers in the United States, and they’re pissed.

The letter, written by a wildlife tracker and nature photographer named Kevin, warns the militants who are currently holed up in Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge that “no small group of armed thugs is going to destroy the great wildlife and national park system that our great Republican President Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir put in place over a century ago.”

Writing under the name Norwegian Chief, the author states that the entire birding community is up-in-arms over what is going on in Oregon:

We are watching your every move, and we have been watching you for a long time. And yes absolutely you are domestic terrorists of the worst kind, and the truth about your decades of constant poaching of protected wildlife around Malheur and other wildlife refuges, national parks, national forests and BLM lands has been well-documented. For years those of us who are wildlife photographers, birdwatchers and carers of wildlife, have been documenting the activities of you poachers and criminals around many of our nation’s wildlife refuges.

He goes on to remind the armed thugs that it is people like himself who have brought many criminals like them to justice over the years:

With our powerful cameras, and ability to move unseen in the wilderness, we have found and documented your illegal hunts, your illegal traps and all sorts of illicit activities, and are constantly feeding that information to law enforcement, and we have finally got many of you poachers on the run and into jails.

Just to make sure that the terrorists understand that these folks mean business, the author describes in glorious detail, exactly why they should:

Those of us who are international wildlife and nature photographers regularly face charging elephants, attacking lions and grizzlies, hidden crocodiles, massive storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, the hottest, coldest and windiest conditions, and all kinds of poisonous snakes and bugs in our work, and we know the outdoors and wilderness from desert to jungle to sea to mountain to tundra from pole to equator better then any poacher or criminal or yeehaw yokel ever will, and we are not afraid to protect it. We have a just fear of nature from experience, but we don’t fear you gun-toting thugs in the least.

These are people who are likely to be far more familiar with the local terrain than the armed lunatics who seized the wildlife refuge. They’re people who have spent countless hours hiking those trails, getting to know every nook and cranny of the wilderness. They’re also people who have the kind of patience it takes to remain totally still for long periods of time, and to mask their presence so that not even a wild animal can detect it.

Kevin writes:

You will never see us, but we and our cameras will always see you. We will #takebackmalheur from you terrorists, and will not rest until every one of you thugs and poachers is behind bars where they belong.

As Addicting Info reported here, the Harney County Migratory Bird Festival is a major source of revenue for local businesses.

According to the letter, the birding network is watching every move made by these terrorists. They know who goes in and out, who is taking supplies and who is supporting this armed and illegal occupation. According to Kevin, someone from a nearby trailer park isn’t going to like the consequences of their recent actions.

We know the nearby trailer park, who is supplying you with food, and a tourist boycott of them is already in the works for all birders for this upcoming bird season. We know who everyone is coming in and out, and why, and every shred of information is going straight to law enforcement and across every birding network in America.

He writes that he, and others like him are:

“sick to death of you welfare queens and cheats living off of BLM land, illegally gutting our wilderness and our wildlife. Malheur, Hart Mountain, Klamath Marsh, Yellowstone, Glacier, Yosemite etc etc, they all belong to us, we the American people.”

In closing, Kevin says this:

We stand now and forever with wildlife, and you seditionists and terrorists are about to find out that’s there is a natural law of karma that vindictive people, who go out and poach innocent animals, will never be able to outrun or hide from.

We are watching you and our years of birding photography have made us endlessly patient and determined.

I must admit, I never really thought of birders as being all that badass.

I definitely do now.

I have no doubt that if there was ever a head-to-head battle between these birders and the yokels who are currently occupying the Malheur wildlife refuge, these birders would kick YallQueda ass all the way back to the scum-filled swamp they crawled out of.

Read the entire letter from Norwegian Chief here, via Daily Kos.

*Featured image credit: Pixabay