FL Toddler Shoots Himself In The Face After ‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Leaves Weapon In Truck (VIDEO)

A Florida two-year-old is in critical condition after he shot himself in the face Monday night while playing with his “responsible” gun-owning  grandfather’s unattended gun. WFTV reports that the unnamed child was riding in his grandfather’s pickup truck when grandpa parked and ran inside the family’s home, leaving the little boy to his own devices. Grandpa, whose name has not been released, also left his gun behind — because what’s the point in being irresponsible if you’re not going to go all-out?

The grandfather says he left the little boy playing with some tools in the back seat, but the child managed to climb into the front of the truck, where Granddaddy kept his .32-caliber Kel-Tec gun. The gun was “responsibly” kept in a holster, but the child removed it and shot himself in the cheek, near his eye. The boy was airlifted to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, where he remains in critical condition.

“They are talking to individuals that were at the residence, possibly in the residence and we have forensics out gathering some evidence,” said Twis Lizasuain, Osceola County Sheriff’s Office media relations director, who noted that evidence thus far suggests the discharge was “accidental” — a word we too often hear when one of the “good guys with guns” shoots a child or, through negligence, allows a child to shoot him or herself. “We will always encourage you to secure a weapon, especially when children are present.”

Though the shooting will likely be called “accidental,” grandpa might not escape unscathed. He could still be charged under a law that allows an irresponsible person to be held accountable if a child gets ahold of a gun that was not properly stored out of reach.

Watch a report on this latest example of why guns make it into far too many hands than needed, below:

Featured image via NLM