Fox Host Claims Obama Used A ‘Raw Onion’ To Fake Cry Over Murdered School Children (VIDEO)

Anyone who watched Barack Obama break into tears as he spoke of the 20 children and six adults murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary can tell that the President is a man who truly feels for the victims of gun violence — anyone, that is, who doesn’t work for Fox News.

After the President’s announcement that he would be doing what Congress is unwilling to do — expanding background check and gun safety regulations, including closing the “gun show loophole” (all sensible measures) — the hosts of Outnumbered pounced on the President’s plan, arguing that he was violating the separation of powers doctrine. What really bothered them, however, was the idea that a human being is capable of showing emotion that is not fake. And so begins Onionghazi, brought to you by our friends at Fox News.

“What was really upsetting was the tears that he wiped away again and again,” Melissa Francis said. “You want that for — I mean, we feel frightened about what’s going on with ISIS. And he can’t pull that kind of passion for anything about this.” She added that she feels “bad about those kids” in Newtown, but claimed it’s “only about this that he gets so upset about.”

After a commercial break, Andrea  Tantaros jumped into the fray, arguing that President Obama’s tears must be fake because “he would have spoken out a long time ago” if he really cared — especially in favorite conservative talking point, Chicago:

“This is how many years? Almost eight years, he’s almost at the end of his term, and you haven’t heard him go to Chicago and really speak out about this issue. And he is uniquely poised to do so. But everything that he’s doing will not solve the problem.

So, I would check that podium for like a raw onion or some No More Tears. It’s not really believable. And the award goes to… we are in awards season.

“It just didn’t seem horribly authentic,” Meghan McCain agreed. “And maybe it is, I don’t know him at all.” In any case, she thinks the President should go to Chicago instead of “talking about God-fearing Americans when ISIS is coming to their hometown and shooting up 14 people.”

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“They say he’s just cool, that’s the way he is, that he doesn’t get emotional,” Francis chimed in. “We haven’t seen this in a very long time and it’s about something that feels political, that feels somewhat insincere, that feels like it’s not going to make a huge difference.”

“It’s like bad political theater,” McCain opined.

It’s something that was to be expected: President Obama showed compassion for murdered children, so the Right has assumed what they feel is a duty to for some reason attempt to convince people that he is not sincere — an act that is shameful at best.

Watch it below:


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