Fox News Host Megyn Kelly Completely Embarrasses Traitorous Bundy Terrorist (VIDEO)

In an amazing take down of Cliven Bundy’s terrorist spawn, Fox News host Megyn Kelly explained how the law works and gave the right-wing loon just enough rope to hang himself with on live television.

During the Monday night edition of The Kelly File, Ammon Bundy appeared on the show to defend the armed takeover of a federal wildlife building in Oregon in protest of a pair of ranchers being sent to prison for setting fire to federal land.

Bundy made an oft-repeated claim that the federal government has no legal authority under the Constitution to own land. As usual, Bundy is just another right-wing extremist who is totally wrong about the law.

According to the Property Clause of the Constitution:

“The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States.”

Politifact has also rated this claim as “pants on fire” in the past. As their final verdict states:

The underlying legal argument rests on a tenuous interpretation of constitutional language and the rejection of about 125 years of Supreme Court decisions. The legal scholars we reached, regardless of any political leanings they might have, agreed that the Constitution clearly grants Washington the power to own land and that arguments to the contrary are baseless.

Despite this, poor Megyn Kelly had to sit and listen as an ignorant fool tried to explain his argument to her. Keep in mind that Kelly is a trained attorney.

Prior to letting Bundy embarrass himself, Kelly destroyed the idea that the prosecution of Dwight and Steven Hammond was illegal. The Hammonds set fire to federal land and a court of law found them guilty and they were sentenced to five years in prison. The United States Attorney General charged them for burning 139 acres of federal public land that the Hammonds had leased for grazing in order to cover up the illegal killing of several deer.

The Hammonds appealed their case all the way to the Supreme Court and lost and surrendered themselves to authorities after denouncing Bundy’s group of armed domestic terrorists.

“You know the argument on the other side,” Kelly said.

“These ranchers — who you support but are not directly involved [with] — had their day in court. They were found guilty, and it went all the way up to the US Supreme Court, which denied their appeal. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work in our country when it comes to the rule of law?”

Bundy dodged the question by trying to ask Kelly a question, which she refused to answer because she asks the questions on her show. And that led to Bundy bumbling his way through arguing that the federal government can’t own land.

Kelly then changed the topic to Bundy’s brother Ryan and remarks he made to the Oregonian newspaper that he was prepared to “kill and be killed” for the cause. Well, Ammon Bundy walked that back in quite a hurry, suggesting that his band of gun-toting rednecks are just putting on an act.

“Well, I have a family. I have six children, a beautiful wife. I have a wonderful home. I have a business, several employees. I’m not here to die. I’m here to defend my freedoms and my liberties, and will I? Yes. But it’s not going to come to that.”

Here’s the video via Raw Story.

In short, it appears the right-wing gun nuts are all talk and no walk. They were just hoping the federal government would react but the group has received nothing but ridicule from all sides. Even Ted Cruz is urging them to end the pathetic standoff. And after this on-air schooling by Megyn Kelly, it looks like the ridicule is only going to make these ammosexuals an even bigger punchline.

Featured image via video screen capture