Cher Does NOT Hold Back On Twitter As She Calls For Death Of Michigan Governor (TWEETS)

When it comes to the safety of our drinking water that comes out of our taps, we are left to trust those who are elected to keep us safe and work in our best interests. However, what’s been happening in Flint, Michigan over the past few years is criminal. Flint’s city manager was held accountable to Gov. Rick Snyder (R) alone. They, alongside other officials denied that there was lead contamination in the Flint’s water.

As Rachel Maddow reported:

“For more than 18 months, state and local government officials ignored irrefutable evidence that the water pumped from the Flint River exposed [residents] to extreme toxicity,” the complaint reads. “The deliberately false denials about the safety of the Flint River water was as deadly as it was arrogant.”

Calling officials’ conduct “so egregious and so outrageous that it shocks the conscience,” the complaint cites the specific experiences of a few plaintiffs and their families, all of whom allege they have been challenged by similar health ailments since high levels of lead and copper entered their bloodstreams.

These conditions include skin lesions, hair loss, chemical-induced hypertension, vision loss and depression. Of the four families described in the complaint, two had ceased to drink Flint water after a certain point — and used it only for washing and cooking — but still said they were exposed to many of the same ill effects.”

Finally admitting to the toxicity in Flint, Snyder declared a state of emergency and apologized, but for many it is too late. The U.S. Justice Department has now opened an investigation into how things could have gone so devastatingly wrong for so long. This is following an EPA investigation that began last November.

Needless to say, people are utterly outraged, and justifiably so.

Taking to Twitter, legendary artist Cher called Snyder out by name and asked that he be jailed. Then going a step further, called for the death penalty. She said:

“Gov. of Michigan is a murderer. HE made the decision to give people poison water, and now must sign disaster bill. Children will ‘never’ recover. #jailforRick”

“WTF is going on with power. Mad, greed driven, killer. Incompetent politicians? They are criminals! Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan. #firingsquadworksforme”

And while asking for a firing squad could seem a bit over the line, the passion behind her tweets is palpable. People are upset, and have every right to be outraged. Citizens were poisoned. CHILDREN were poisoned, and people need to be held accountable. It will be interesting to see if Snyder himself will resign and face trial. This criminal behavior needs to be accounted for.

Featured image: YouTube/Flickr/Twitter