Numbskull Ben Carson Just Managed To P*ss Off Every Decent Parent In America

Ben Carson may be the dumbest person ever to perform brain surgery. He has proven time and time again that he has no clue on matters of simple science issue,s and has demonstrated a lack of critical thinking skills that have landed in the “pants on fire” category of fact checkers on numerous occasions.

His stories about growing up some street-wary tough guy who liked to beat and stab people turned out to be fabrications. His tales of being held at gunpoint couldn’t be verified by anyone. The only thing Carson has ever said that seems even remotely true is that he often felt like the “dumb kid” in class. He likes to follow it up with how he persevered and became a brain surgeon.

Whatever it was that pushed Ben Carson through medical school and into a fellowship at one of the world’s most prestigious hospitals was definitely not his ability to think on the fly. Left unscripted and with a microphone, Carson is his own worst enemy. That was never more obvious than it was at a recent campaign stop to talk to 5th-graders in Des Moines at the Isaac Newton Christian school.

Apparently Carson was again trying to build on that old favorite “dumb kid” card when he turned into by far the dumbest person in the room. Without considering that he was dealing with 10-year-olds, Carson actually asked the class to point to the worst student among them.¬†A Des Moines Register reporter¬†tweeted that at least half a dozen kids in the class singled out one student:

If you’re a parent and that didn’t absolutely infuriate you, you should have your idiot filter cleaned. In what universe is it OK to EVER degrade a child to make a political statement? The student said he wasn’t upset by being singled out, which may make Carson feel better, but certainly not the kid’s parents.

Carson’s numbers have been dwindling and it appears his campaign is nearing the end. Hopefully he drops his aspirations to de-throne George W Bush as the least qualified buffoon ever to occupy the Oval Office sooner than later before he causes any more damage.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore