Stolen Valor: Men In Oregon ‘Militia’ Caught Red-Handed Falsely Posing As Marine Veterans

Two of the men involved in the armed standoff in Oregon have been caught falsely claiming to have served in the Marines. An investigation shows the two have committed stolen valor. One of the men, Brian Cavalier, is the personal bodyguard to Ammon Bundy and has told reporters that he served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Here’s the problem: the US Marine Corps has no record of his service. That’s because he was never enlisted. The other man, Blaine Cooper, also claimed to be a Marine, but he was only in the “Delayed Entry Program.” He dropped out before actually going to boot camp.

A more in-depth look reveals that Cavalier¬†is just a tattoo artist, and not only that, but the only record he has is a rap sheet full of DUI’s and theft – nothing even affiliated with the military. That’s what police records show, anyhow. It appears he faked his military credentials so he would be more credible to serve in the Oregon gang and get more street cred.

Here was the encounter Brian Cavalier had with reporters, who hilariously goes by the nickname ‘Raging Unicorn:’

“I’m a retired United States Marine, I can rage.”

He also tried to sound ex-military when one journalist asked to access the refuge building, stating boldly:

“No, that’s logistical security issues that we can’t have happen, head count can’t be divulged for security purposes.”

When he was later confronted about his false claims, and that the US Marine Corps had confirmed that he was in fact never a Marine, he reportedly got very nervous, saying:

“That’s unfortunate that someone would say that. I’m not commenting on anything. I told you what it is.”

Pic via Latest.

Pic via Latest.

No service member who served would ever cower away like that. But, his reply wasn’t needed. These guys are fakes – the evidence already proves that. While claiming to have served in the military isn’t technically against the law, it’s not respectful to the men and women who actually did risk their lives for their country. The 2013 Stolen Valor Act only makes it unlawful if someone falsely claims to have received an award or commendation to receive some form of compensation. Neither of these men violated that.

With that said – we have a feeling stolen valor isn’t going to be as much of an issue when the FBI presses federal charges against them when this is all over and done with. That much is guaranteed.

Featured image via screen capture.