‘Pissed As Hell’ Oregon Rancher FURIOUS At Bundy Militia: ‘This Is My Home!’ (VIDEO)

Georgia Marshall has had just about enough of the white privilege performance art masquerading as a patriotic revolt against the tyranny of something something EVIL GUB’MINT! Ever since the Bundy terrorists seized a wildlife refuge in Harney County, the entire county has been seriously pissed off at the presumption of these idiots that they speak for the residents. Unlike the Bundy cosplayers, the residents of Harney are grown ups who have worked very hard to build a working relationship with their government:

“The progress we’ve made in this community compared with the sh*t we went through years ago when you could not stand in talk to a manager,” she told the crowd. “Granted, it’s not a lot of progress but it’s coming.”

Marshall pointed out that an organization called the High Desert Partnership was already working “damn hard” for the residents of Harney County.

“We are the poster child of the ranching community, of the environmental community, of the government community!” she exclaimed. “Have we ever had anybody put together a refuge plan in this god damn nation? Hell, no, we haven’t! But it happened here and it happened in Harney County.”

This is how grownups behave. If you don’t like how the local government works, you push and you compromise and you talk and you keep pushing until things start to get better. On the other hand, when you’re an entitled, self-important little shit like Ammon Bundy, you pull out your gun, holler about “freedumb!” and demand your every whim be catered to. Especially getting snacks.

Here’s the awesome video of Georgia taking the Bundy morons behind the woodshed for a shellacking:

Now, if it seems odd that a group of anti-government jackasses would show up in Oregon and make demands for a community they don’t belong to, you’re not crazy. When the Bundy boys originally rolled into town, they were all about the Hammond family not serving the full sentence for their crimes. But, the Hammonds said “Holy crap! These yahoos aren’t with us! Please let us serve our time in peace” and the Bundy boneheads suddenly found themselves without a cause. So, as wealthy entitled white people, they defaulted to “Waaaaahhhh! The government is oppressing us!” and demanded they be given more free stuff because in right-wing ‘Murika, rich white people get everything and screw everyone else.

I hope Georgia and the other residents of Harney get their wish for a Bundy-free county so they can live their lives the way they want, not the way a group of wannabe martyrs and cheap knockoff revolutionaries say they should.

Featured image via screencap.