Breitbart Racist Is Attacking Neil Degrasse Tyson: ‘He Is Stupid And His Politics Are Dumb’

Let’s face it, Republicans hate Neil Degrasse Tyson because he is the Obama of science. If the frighteningly intelligent black scientist gets his mitts on their white daughters, they will want to abandon their traditional values and become… ASTROPHYSICISTS.

A great example of this is a blatantly racist attack piece put together at the Republican outrage mill Breitbart. In it, the author implies that liberals are racist because they love Tyson. This is followed up immediately by Breitbart using racist tropes of the “lazy black man” to attack him personally while lamenting affirmative action as the only reasons he is on TV.

Tyson, whom liberals love because they are racists who can’t believe a black guy could be smart enough to be a scientist and so spontaneously ejaculate and soil themselves every time they see him on TV, hasn’t published anything of note for years. The advantage of being a celebrity scientist is that you don’t actually have to do any science.

He didn’t get the PhD he was studying for at the University of Texas and had to go elsewhere for his qualification. Obviously, rather than take responsibility for his academic performance, Tyson has blamed racism. In reality, Tyson was playing in bands and appearing on stage instead of completing essays. Typical science PhD students are at any given time either studying, teaching or sleeping.

In 2005, he said: “I know these forces are real and I had to survive them in order to get where I am today. So before we start talking about genetic differences, you gotta come up with a system where there’s equal opportunity.” He of course doesn’t address the fact that the only reason Neil deGrasse Tyson is on television at all, given his intellectual shortcomings, is that he is black.

Source: Breitbart

Here is another famously liberal scientist, who Republicans claim has “intellectual shortcomings,” that is only on tv because of his black skin and a lot of white guilt.

image: redtstate

image: RedState

Quick fact check. Tyson did not blame his lack of a Ph.D. from UT on racism. He was talking about racism on campus, like when he was stopped 7 times by campus police for walking near the physics building. It’s worth noting he was never stopped by campus police walking near the gymnasium. His Ph.D. pursuit ended when the university dissolved his dissertation committee.

It took 16 seconds of Google to find that information.

Apparently Breitbart is an authority in Astronomy, Physics, and Astrophysics, because they have the ability to sense when a black person has “truly worked hard enough.” in the fields. They also proved their superior authority on the topics mentioned by saying Tyson hasn’t published anything of note in years. Tyson has published 13 papers, which is more than Breitbart has done, and last time I checked Breitbart did not do peer-review of any published scientific material.

They also hate Tyson because he thinks about something other than Jesus.

Tyson hasn’t published as much work as some others, but there is a context to that. He made a choice to serve the public over himself. Instead of being insulated within the scientific community, he has given up a lot of his legacy in scientific academia in order to bring science to regular people. He went out and made science cool again when Republicans have been trying to make it something to be feared.

It’s a strange manifestation of birtherism in a way. A black man can’t both be smart and popular everywhere except within conservative America. There HAS to be a conspiracy by liberal whites to foist his blackness upon America’s heartland.

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