Open-Carry Scum Attack Texas Veteran With PTSD (VIDEO)

Texas open carry scumbags want combat veterans, victims of violent crime, domestic violence victims and others who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to know they have absolutely no rights.

As reported by KMID, like one in every five combat veterans Art Leal, a U.S. Army vet who served his country for eight years during Operation Desert Storm, now suffers from Post Traumatic Stress.

Veterans with PTSD experience a wide-range of symptoms, from recurring nightmares to vivid flashbacks, which cause them to relive traumatic events associated with war.

After serving for years in a military combat zone, many veterans find it difficult to return to ‘normal’ life. These men and women are prone to hypervigilance, or a state of constant alertness, in which they are always on the lookout for signs of danger. Knowing that, it should be easy enough for anyone with a brain to understand why the sight of a gun can act as a trigger for veterans with PTSD.

Because of his condition, Leal chooses to avoid businesses which allow open carry inside their establishments.

In hopes of educating the public about the issues facing veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Leal is also passing out cards to businesses that allow open carry.

Image credit: video screen capture via KMID

Image credit: video screen capture via KMID

During an interview with KMID. the former service member explained how the state of Texas’ new open carry policies negatively impact him, as well as many other U.S. veterans with disabling PTSD.

Watch the interview below, via KMID.


A local veteran hands out cards to businesses urging them to re-think open carry because it could be a trigger point for vets with PTSD. FULL STORY ——->

Posted by Local 2 News – KMID on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

According to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs in Virginia, the number of Iraq War veterans who currently suffer from PTSD may be as high as 20 percent. Another 10 to 15 percent of veterans from other U.S. military conflicts also suffer from PTSD.

Combat veterans aren’t the only people who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress disorder. PTSD can happen to anyone who experiences a traumatic event. It is common among victims of domestic violence and their children, as well as victims of violent crimes, such as armed robbery or rape.

PTSD affects about ten percent of the civilian population, or about one in every ten people.

But, not surprisingly, open-carry activists in Texas could care less how their actions impact the people around them.

In fact, the way these ammosexuals see it, Leal is violating their rights just by pointing out the negative impact of open-carry policies on people who have PTSD.

In case you needed additional proof that the open-carry crowd is made up of people who could care less about anyone but themselves, here are some of the disgusting comments left on KMID’s Facebook page, following the report.

Image capture via Facebook

Image capture via Facebook

Here’s another.

image credit via Facebook

image credit via Facebook

And these comments.

image credit via Facebook

image credit via Facebook

Not only that, but the group Open Carry Texas is targeting Leal on Facebook and other social media sites, simply because they do not like that he has a right to express his views.

screen capture via Facebook

screen capture via Facebook

The group has also begun creating Facebook pages in order to openly mock this man, including Art Leal Sucks and Art Leal Sucks 2.

These are the people that the state of Texas is proud to have marching around their grocery stores and restaurants armed with guns.

These people are obviously small-minded, selfish and self-absorbed. They apparently think that anything that hasn’t affected them personally doesn’t exist at all. They may not have PTSD, but more than 13 million Americans are affected by it every year.

Likewise, they may have much beyond a third-grade education, but every year in America, millions of children manage to prove they’re smarter, and more considerate of others, than these jackasses.

The ammosexual jerks with Open Carry Texas are a symbol of everything that is wrong with our country.

Let’s face it. We’ve allowed people with the mentality of grade-school bullies to hijack the national conversation on guns.

That’s something that has to change.

I support Mr. Leal and the thousands of other U.S. veterans who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I believe that as a nation, we owe our wounded veterans so much better than the disrespect and disservice these losers are paying to this disabled veteran.