Police Investigating Possible Attempt To Murder Bernie Sanders (VIDEO)

Since at least September, people have been calling for Secret Service protection for Bernie Sanders, noting that he is vulnerable to  “potentially violent confrontations with disturbed people.” With the Right’s almost devout adherence to their misunderstanding of socialism and conservative politicians’ desperate attempts to equate Democratic Socialism with National Socialism (After all, a man who wants to make education affordable, help the poor, and rebuild our infrastructure is just like Hitler).

It seems as though people who are concerned with Sanders’ safety are correct — because on Thursday, someone shot up his Nevada campaign office while the Senator was in town. Winning Democrats reports that campaign staffers found a bullet hole in the window of the Las Vegas headquarters on Thursday morning, the same day the Senator was on site.

So far, the bullet has not been located, but Metro Police took a report for malicious destruction of property and are investigating the shooting. Police confirmed that a bullet appeared to have gone through the window, but were unwilling to confirm that a shot had been fired, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

The Sanders campaign declined to comment on the shooting.

Numerous petitions have been circulating for months asking that Sanders be given a Secret Service detail. After all, Hillary Clinton has one. Donald Trump has one. Even Ben Carson has Secret Service protection. To date, while Trump has allowed and even encouraged violence and threats at his rallies, all of it was directed at people he didn’t like — African-Americans, Hispanics, and Muslims. Only Sanders has had someone attempt to whack him. According to the Secret Service website, Sanders certainly qualifies. Candidates must:

  • Be publically announced

  • Have some degree of prominence as shown by opinion polls

  • Be actively campaigning and entered in at least 10 state primaries

  • Be seeking the nomination of a qualified party

  • Have qualified for matching funds in the amount of at least $100,000

  • Have received contributions totaling $10 million

Sanders is, of course, publicly announced. While Clinton is winning in the polls, Sanders has continually shown “some degree of prominence.”

Prior to 1968, candidates did not receive Secret Service protection. However, after the assassination of Robert Kennedy, things changed. We began protecting major candidates like Clinton, Sanders, and Trump — and even people who don’t stand a chance like Ben Carson. He is certainly registered in at least 10 state primaries. He’s seeking the nomination of the most qualified party, and he qualifies for matching funds. He has also received donations well over $10 million.

It’s time we demand that Sanders receive Secret Service protection — after all, he’s the one people seem to be shooting at.

Watch a news report on the attack below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ws3ajM_CEYc?rel=0&showinfo=0]

Featured image via screengrab