Black Fox Guest Accuses Democrats Of ‘Literally Killing’ African Americans ‘With Guns And Abortions’ (VIDEO)

Fox News invited blogger Crystal Wright onto Fox and Friends Monday morning to remind America just how dangerous the Democratic party is for Americans – especially if you’re African American.

Wright, who is African American herself, went on the show to speak about her new book Con Job, which focuses on racial injustice and the so-called ‘negative impact’ Democrats have had on the “poorer, dumber, and more criminalized” black community. She started off by talking about how bad welfare programs were to African Americans, but inevitably made a detour into other hot topics like gun violence and abortion. In speaking about the many assertions made in her book, host Steve Doocy asked the conservative blogger and author, “You talk about over the last 40 years, trillions of dollars have been put to fight poverty, yet poverty is proliferating in many neighborhoods because?”

Wright said, blaming the party that actually cares about Black Lives Matter, police brutality and social justice:

“Well, because of Democrats and the con that they’re running on black Americans. They have made black Americans poorer, dumber, and more criminalized.”

Doocy asked “Why do you say that? That’s their end game?”

Wright answered:

“It’s not just me. Look, 93 percent of — you know how the president goes around, wants to talk about regulating legal gun ownership? I’ve never seen Barack Obama talk about the black lives being killed by other blacks in Chicago, DC, or Baltimore. Ninety-three percent of all black homicides are committed by other black people.”

“And you know the number one cause of death among young black men ages 15 to 34? Guns. Illegal guns, cus they’re killing each other. That’s the con job. But yet, black people keep voting against their interests, and I would argue the Democrat Party is literally killing black Americans from the womb to the streets.”

Wright is actually (and not surprisingly) wrong – President Barack Obama talks about murder in places like Chicago often. Just last week, the president said “it happens on the streets of Chicago every day.” Wright is also forgetting that 83% of all white homicide victims are murdered by white people – but yet no one talks about white-on-white crime.

But no matter what our president has done in terms of racial justice, Wright believes that Democrats don’t actually care about black people or the Black Lives Matter movement – they only care about getting black votes (she must be completely unaware of what her party does). Dissing Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton, Wright said:

“That is why [Hillary] is going out and saying, ‘Hey, black lives matter, but oh guys guess what, I support Planned Parenthood, the billion dollar abortion industry.”

Wright uses Planned Parenthood as an example only because statistically African American women are more likely to seek out medically sound and affordable abortions from the clinics.

To give an example of a Republican candidate that does care about black people, she cited the always offensive front runner Donald Trump, claiming that he was the most pro-black candidate due to the fact that he supports restricting immigration.

You can watch the bizarre interview below:

Despite what Wright says about Democrats, there’s proof that her beloved Republican party has also failed to meet her expectations:

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