Conservatives Will Hate Why Obama Invited This Woman To The State Of The Union

President Obama is using his final State of the Union address to spike the ball on some of the accomplishments he has been able to achieve in the two terms of his presidency. As evidence of those achievements, several guests have been invited to sit with First Lady Michelle Obama.

Among those guests will be U.S. Army Major Lisa Jaster, and her sterling accomplishment was becoming one of the first three women in the history of the United States to qualify as a U.S. Army Ranger.

Before Obama was President, women were not permitted to try out for this elite designation. Now they are.

Jaster was one of 19 women who attempted the Army Ranger course in April, when it was opened to female service members for the first time. In some ways, she was the most unusual of them: While most troops who attend are on active duty, male and in their 20s, she was a 37-year-old officer who was activated from the Army Reserve to go, temporarily leaving behind a successful career as an engineer with Shell Oil in Houston and her husband and two young children for a shot at making history.

Jaster said in a phone interview Friday that she wants to show that there are men and women capable of succeeding in almost any role.

“I want my presence to symbolize the fact that there are competent people out there, and as long as the standards don’t change, the best person for each job needs to be placed in that job,” she said.

Amazingly, in this day and age there are conservative Republicans who still oppose the idea of women serving in combat positions in the military, despite most Americans realizing that if they can pull their own weight there should be no obstacle to service simply due to gender.

Major Jaster shows that it can be done, and that America has finally reached a place where we have the best defending us no matter what sex they are. That’s part of the Obama legacy.

Featured image via YouTube