Bundy Militia Just ADMITTED They Have Been Accessing Government Files

Recently, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that it is looking into allegations that the armed militants who staged a takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge had accessed government files on the computers at the federal facility. The allegations arose after the group accidentally allowed Oregon Public Broadcasting to see that multiple computers had been turned on and government IDs and files were strewn about an office at the wildlife preserve.

“After Finnicum realized he shouldn’t have allowed OPB to access the room, he quickly picked up lists of names and Social Security numbers by the computers, and hid government employee ID cards that were previously in plain sight,” OPB noted in its report — though Ammon Bundy denied at the time that his pretend army had touched anything:

“No, we haven’t touched a single personal item. We haven’t touched any of the computers, we haven’t tried to log on — we haven’t done anything. We’re not here to hurt people, not even the people who work here.”

But, as they just admitted, they have touched “a thing” — many things, in fact.

On Tuesday, terrorist group leader Ammon Bundy admitted that he and his followers have been going through government documents stored at the refuge. Not only does he intend to release the documents to the public, but Bundy claims that they will help get Steven and Dwight Hammond, two dangerous felons currently serving prison time for arson, released back into the population.

Frighteningly, this means that the armed domestic terrorists now have access to personal information of Refuge employees, some of whom have already been threatened and harassed — causing them to flee the area. While Bundy still denies accessing computers, he fully admits to going through paper files at Malheur. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, who manages the facility, says that because personally identifiable information may be among the files they have accessed, the agency is  “is taking necessary steps to ensure employee and family safety.” Spokesman Jason Holm strongly condemned the actions of Vanilla ISIS:

“Removing fences, damaging any Refuge property, or unauthorized use of equipment would be additional unlawful actions by the illegal occupiers. Any movement of cattle onto the Refuge or other activities that are not specifically authorized by USFWS constitutes trespassing.”

There are sixteen full-time and one part-time employee at the refuge, all of whose lives are threatened by this rogue militia’s illegal access of the information. Strangely, unlike unarmed and peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters, these terrorists have been met with zero interference from law enforcement, who has given them permission to come and go as they please. They’re even free to be sent literal bags of dicks and other items from supporters and haters across the nation. Their presence creates such a strain that a Harney County judge has announced he will be billing Ammon Bundy upwards of $70,000 per day for the additional security needed in the area because of their insurgency.

The militia’s presence has caused numerous school cancellations up to 30 miles away, and forced refuge employees to work from home, at another office, or take administrative leave — as well as make locals fearful for their lives. However, the passive response to the Bundy militia may not last much longer. Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward says that law enforcement “will not be intimidated from doing their jobs” and  “there’s an hour glass and it’s running out.”

Hopefully, it runs out soon — before someone is hurt or killed.

Featured image via OPB