Bundy Militia Loses It Over Bag Of D**ks (VIDEO)

Last week, social media was filled with memes mocking the Bundy Militia’s plea for snacks. Unfortunately for the imbeciles currently occupying federal land, America had a lot of fun and sent the militants a bunch of stuff that they did not like.

“Patriot” and well-known white supremacist Jon Ritzheimer posted a video on Facebook on Monday complaining about the various items people have sent the militia in lieu of the snacks, tampons and cigarettes the group asked for:

“It was really mind-blowing to me that people would actually spend their money (on this),” he said. “This box right here, $17.90 (for shipping). They spend and waste their money on all this hateful stuff to send out here to us and buy this ridiculous stuff. This one was really funny — a ‘bag of dicks.’ Rather than going out and doing good, they just spend all their money on hate and hate.”

In the video you then see Ritzheimer rage sweep the stuff off of the table and onto the floor. He declares:

“We’re going to clear the table and we’re going to continue to do work and do good for our country. We’re not going to be deterred, we’re not gonna let you and all your junk and hate mail sidetrack us…”

Honestly, we don’t know what he’s talking about. Americans were just trying to give him a nice bag of d*cks to snack on! They’re gummy and delicious, why doesn’t he want our gifts?

Perhaps the best part of the video was the caption under it. Ritzheimer often exploits his military service to justify his hatred for the Muslim community, but under the video he says:

“To my family, I love you very much and I am sorry I can’t be there with you. Please look at this as a deployment, only this time I’m actually serving my country rather than being sent over seas to line the pockets of corrupt politicians.”

So, what? Now he doesn’t believe he honorably served his country while in the military? If that’s the case he needs to stop talking about being a former Marine. Our military deserves more respect that some guy who just rolls out his service when it’s convienant for him — like so many other Tea Party Republicans do.

I think that what this “patriot” really wants is more stuff. So if you have a few extra dollars to spare, maybe you could also send him some mouth watering d*cks to chew on while he is actively fighting against the country he claims to “love” so much.

Watch his angry rant:


Featured image via video screenshot