Ted Cruz Gets OWNED By His Own Harvard Law Professor: Calls Cruz Clueless On Constitution (VIDEO)

Laurence Tribe, who was Ted Cruz’s own Constitutional Law professor at Harvard, visited MSNBC’s The Last Word, to discuss Cruz’s total lack of understanding on, and general contempt for, the Constitution of the United States.

Professor Tribe said point blank that Ted Cruz only cares about the Constitution when it benefits Ted Cruz, or if he can use it as a weapon to hurt other Americans. Otherwise, he could not care less if the Constitution says you have a right he doesn’t want you to have.

You really can’t argue with Professor Tribe’s assessment of Cruz on that. He couldn’t be more correct.

Professor Tribe spoke briefly to the recent “birther” attacks put forth against Cruz by fellow Republicans and Donald Trump. He said that these attacks brought into light the glaringly obvious example of how Ted Cruz simply chooses to interpret the Constitution in any way that is convenient for him at the time, with no regard to the actual law.

What this does is give us a window into the character of Ted Cruz. The sort of person he is, with respect to the American Constitution. Whats intriguing – it was true even when he was my student years ago – he used to believe in “originalism,” that is the Constitution always means what it meant when it was adopted- Except when it’s not convenient for him to mean that. This is a perfect example.

If the Constitution always meant what he claims, namely that if you got an American mother it doesn’t matter where in the world you’re born, you become a natura born citizen at birth. Well then, why in the world did congress need to pass a law dealing with naturalization and immigration in 1934, saying “from now on, although it wasn’t true before, if you have a mother who’s an American citizen, thats good enough?”

Source: MSNBC

Tribe’s example seems innocent enough, but it speaks to a larger issue where Cruz simply doesn’t care about constitutional law. Remember – we were still torturing people as recently as 7 years ago, regardless of what the Constitution said.


Professor Tribe continued on even further in criticizing him even further, saying the Cruz he taught constitutional law to at Harvard is nothing like the Cruz of today. He implied that it was like the Cruz of today never studied constitutional law at all. Tribe also touched on some of Cruz’s other comments, where he said that the Supreme Court’s word has no impact on the law of the land. Professor Tribe could only describe it as “Scary.”

Watch Ted Cruz’s former constitutional law professor completely destroy his presidential qualifications below:

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