Ammosexual Anti-Obama Organizer Shoots Fellow ‘Patriot’ In Drunken Fight Over A Gun (VIDEO/SCREENSHOTS)

The planned right-wing extremist event Paul Revere 2016 Final March to Restore America hit a snag on Monday when one of the organizers was shot dead. No, the socialist Communist Muslim atheist fascist tyrant Obama didn’t have him killed, and he certainly wasn’t taken out because he threatens the New World Order’s agenda to use chemtrails and HAARP to kill Christians — Charles Carter died at the hands of a fellow conservative in an argument over (shockingly) a gun.

Authorities have not released details of the shooting, which occurred in Grayson County, Texas, but the Paul Revere event page announced Carter’s death in an emotional plea to God to give the poster “understanding” of the incident.


Apparently, God responded, as the event page’s current administrator, an organizer of the failure that was the 2 Million bikers 2 DC rally, Bill Williamson, had many more details later in the day. “I am behooved as to what has happened with Charles Carter and Vincent Smith from the Paul Revere event,” the admin complained. “The event that sky rocketed in a week has gone to hell and a handbasket in less then 24 hours Charles is dead, shot in the fore head by Vincent Smith.” The administrator explained that Carter attacked fellow organizer Smith in a drunken argument over a gun (though Smith was allegedly sober):

I was in chat with Charles Carter most of the morning and I could see in his post that shit was not right within him. Shortly after Vincent shot Charles then I was on the phone with him and he explained what happened, Vincent was attacked by Charles that was liquored up and enraged. Charles attacked Vincent, snatched his side arm from him and was going to shoot Vincent. Vincent had a spare gun on him and was SOBER and faster then Charles Carter. Vincent Smith I Pray for You Brother as I am Praying for Charles Carter. I Pray that you both find peace. The Texas Marshal has ruled this a self defense, and from talking to Vincent IN DEPTH

” I Bill Williamson BELIEVE HIM!” the administrator wrote. “If I am wrong them so be it.”


Right-wing online radio host Keith Williams also shared his sorrow over the unnecessary example of “responsible gun ownership.” Williams says that Carter was killed by a “fellow patriot” who “was suppose to be his brother in arms and friend.”


One of their fellow “patriots” says Carter was “shot between the eyes.”

Recently, the state of Texas made it completely legal to open carry handguns. While it is a felony in the state to carry any firearm while intoxicated, conservatives have traditionally opposed any and all firearms safety laws, viewing them as some sort of plot to grab guns from “patriots” like them. Unfortunately, we can expect to see “responsible gun owners” and “good guys with guns” (as the NRA calls every (white) person carrying a weapon until, of course, they commit a crime) shooting their friends family members, and enemies alike until we reform our firearms laws.

Watch a video of Carter ironically begging conservatives to stop fighting with each other below:


Posted by Charles Carter on Saturday, January 9, 2016

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