House Republicans’ Attempt To Be Cool With Snapchat TREMENDOUSLY Backfires

Try as they may, Republicans have just not figured out how to connect with younger generations. They’ve locked down a good portion of older white America, but it seems millennials just really don’t want much of anything to do with them.

However, in an attempt to try to appeal to this younger vote in an election year, the House Republicans decided they would join Snapchat, the infamous social app that deletes what is sent shortly after sending it. It’s hugely popular among younger Americans, so they thought they’d give a whirl.

One problem, though. The man who they used in the GIF to advertise their Snapchat campaign was NOT happy they used him.

You see, the man in the House GOP’s #SnapOfTheUnion campaign is none other than HitFix writer Louis Virtel who also happens to be openly gay. The GIF highlights a moment he snapped his fingers while appearing on Jeopardy last May.

Here’s Virtel’s reaction to being used by the GOP:

“Hey, GOP! Your candidates are horrifying garbage who’ve done nothing for LGBT rights. Don’t use my image.”

“GOP, I think every day about closeted gay kids who want to kill themselves because their parents are ignorant, fearful Republicans.”

“Dear GOP: The reason people liked my snap was because it defied regressive, homophobic, scary-ass losers like you.”

“My image is STILL on the odious GOP site. In lieu of flowers, please donate to CAROL’s Best Picture campaign.”

Well done! Way to tell them, Louis!

Too bad that GIF is still up on their website, and they are clearly either too stupid or too pompous to take it down. Likely both.

The GOP will never catch the clue that younger generations just DO NOT like them for their blatantly derogatory actions taken against not only the gay community, but against nearly every minority in existence. They need to realize, hopefully sooner rather than later, that they are myopic in their views and archaic in their policy. They also need to learn how to make sure the people they are using in their campaigns are on board with being used. However, it’s clear they just don’t care.

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