Right-Wing Broadcaster: Teenage Girl Is A ‘Prostitute’ For Being Afraid Of Bundy Militia (VIDEO)

We recently saw the heartbreaking plea of 15-year-old Ashlie Presley, who lives in the area that is currently being occupied by Ammon Bundy and his band of would-be domestic terrorists. She bravely took the microphone and tearfully explained why she was begging the militia to leave. One would think that most people would feel sympathy for her, but no, some people are too callous to feel anything at all. One such person is right-wing broadcast personality Pete Santilli.

Presley is the granddaughter of Judge Steven Grasty, and Santilli decided to capitalize on that fact. He said that Grasty had allowed his grandchild to become a “prostitute.” In one of his broadcasts, live from the wildlife refuge where the militants are camped out, Santilli said:

“That judge was prostituting his granddaughter for political purposes, I’m going to call it for what it is. If it were my granddaughter, I would not treat her like a prostitute like he did.”

He then went on to attack anyone and everyone who opposes what this militia is doing, calling them  “bunch of effing communists” for letting the child speak at the meeting. Santilli ranted:

“What he did with his granddaughter is disgusting. It’s called prostitution, okay? Except you gave it up for free… She’s a young girl, she did just a masterful dramatic performance.”

“The only reason that anyone needs to be fearful about what’s going on around here are the corrupt bastards like her grandfather. He needs to be fearful because we’re going to investigate and we’re going to bring some justice to a judge.”

So, it sounds like this guy is not only attacking a vulnerable, scared teenage girl, but he is also threatening a judge. When will these yahoos be arrested?

Watch the video of Santilli’s vile remarks below:

Featured image via screen capture from Raw Story