RNC Leader’s Backstage Rant Shows What The GOP Really Thinks Of Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Footage has been released of a leader of the Republican National Committee ranting for a full five minutes about the need for a rebellion against Presidential candidates like Donald Trump. The video serves as evidence that it’s not just liberals who know that conservatives are going to lose in 2016 with extremists like Trump on the ticket.

The star of the footage – Holland Redfield, who represents the U.S. Virgin Islands – uses some rather colorful language in his incitement against the likes of trust fund tycoon Donald Trump.

“If I didn’t say this, I’d go home very troubled.” Redfield tells the audience of the private, RNC Winter Meeting.

“When we have allowed the party to be representing a tremendous amount of anger…we are playing a very dangerous game.

Does the tail wag the dog, or does the dog wag the tail?”

He rails against the gutter-level language being used by candidates like Trump and others, and the ‘disrespect’ for ethnic minorities which risks making the party unelectable to Americans who aren’t white. Not only is this morally reprehensible, but it’s electoral suicide in a rainbow nation.

And what happens when a party member voices concerns about these issues? Redfield argues that “we’re almost terrorized as members of our party. ‘Shut up. Toe the line, embrace each other, and let’s go forward.’”

Redfield refuses to name Trump because he fears: “I will be targeted.”

It is likely Redfield speaks for a sea of moderate conservatives across the United States who cease to feel represented by a party which has been seized by Christian and right-wing extremists. These moderate conservatives might well be forced into the position of voting Democrat in 2016, or abstaining altogether, with the absence of a GOP candidate who speaks to their vision of America. The Eisenhower Republicans, who aren’t afraid to invest public money to make America a world leader in education, science, technology and engineering; who would rather the U.S. spent a little less on engaging in permanent war overseas, and a little more on roads, schools, and hospitals at home. How could they ever vote for a Trump, or a Ted Cruz?

This video of this desperate plea for a new direction by this lone RNC leader speaks to the bigger crisis for conservatives in America. The religious right has pulled the entire party off it’s axis, and is speaking to an ever smaller, echo chamber of extreme conservatism. In doing so, they are doing the job of putting a Democrat in the White House in 2016 all by themselves.

Featured Image via Flickr Creative Commons