The Head Of The NRA Just Issued The Dumbest Challenge Ever To President Obama (VIDEO)

Wayne LaPierre has a way about him that defines “a**hole.” maybe it’s the condescending look his beady little eyes get from behind those frameless glasses. Maybe it’s the tone in his voice as he declares that the tens of thousands of U.S. gun deaths since his tenure began have nothing to do with guns.

Or maybe we all remember his impassioned call for more guns in our schools after 20 1st graders were gunned down on one of the coldest days in American history.

No matter the reason you may despise Wayne LaPierre, the fact remains the he is despicable. He’s a disgusting human being whose moral code has been lost to the cold hard cash of the gun manufacturers who want as many guns as possible in the hands of…whoever has the money to buy one.

Understanding all of that, this video will enrage you. LaPierre has decided to challenge President Obama to a one-on-one gun control debate. His terms are that the debate be one hour with a moderator, no pre-screened questions and no long answers.

It’s difficult for the ammosexual mind to come up with much other than “criminals won’t follow laws,” so the last stipulation isn’t really that surprising. He may want to consult with Taya Kyle before he assumes that the president isn’t willing to answer tough questions from the opposition.

Rather than simply issue the challenge, LaPierre attached it to 8 minutes of propaganda attacking not only the president’s stance on gun control but also the affordable care act and yes, you guessed it…Benghazi. He calls the president a tyrant who ignores the constitution just before he calls on him to mobilize a national force to “turn Chicago upside down” in search of felons and criminals with guns.

Because sending the National Guard to black communities to illegally search the residents and their homes without warrants or probable cause is just fine, but asking “law-abiding” white folks to fill out a form and wait ten minutes is an egregious act of tyranny.

The entire video is nothing but a propaganda piece aimed at keeping the far-right extremists mobilized and ready to do things like occupy the Oregon wilderness in the name of ‘Murica or shoot up a Planned Parenthoood office in the name of life. In the very least he wants the status quo conservative argument of fear for your guns to weigh on the minds of every idiot who believes their firearm is the most important thing in their lives.

You can watch the ridiculous challenge and the bloviating blowhard who issued it in the video below. If ever there was a time to have a puke bucket nearby, this is it.

Featured image via screen capture