Fox News Seems SUPER Bummed They’re Forced To Report Iran Released Prisoners (VIDEO)

If there’s one thing that conservatives and Fox News want more than anything, it’s for President Obama and his administration to fail. This has been their narrative since he took office, and they’d love for him to follow through with what they’ve been saying. Unfortunately for them, that’s just not the case. The economy has recovered, more people have health insurance, Osama bin Laden was killed, marriage equality is the law of the land, credit card companies are better kept in check, and a deal for a nuclear-free Iran was reached on top of countless other achievements.

On the latest edition of Traitor TV, Fox News seems rather upset that Obama and his administration are actually getting the job done. Five prisoners have just been released from Iran, four as part of a negotiation. One of the prisoners released is Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian who was held for more than 500 days in Iranian captivity. According to CNN:

“The release was arranged as part of a prisoner swap involving seven Iranians held by the United States on sanctions charges, the officials confirmed. The deal comes after more than a year of secret negotiations.”

This is a huge development, and also goes directly against the narrative Republicans have been touting during debates, and Fox News has been delivering for years. They’ve insisted that President Obama is going to get us into war with Iran, but more and more evidence to the contrary keeps making itself known.

And because they’re technically a news media outlet, and not officially the media branch of the Republican party, Fox News’ Fox & Friends had to report these latest negotiated releases with Iran. However, by the looks on their faces, they don’t seem thrilled to deliver the good news. After all, they’ve just been proven to be the liars that they are, yet again.

Video/Featured image: C&L

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